Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Following Melanie's lead at "Secret Notebooks-Wild Pages" today, I am posting my photos of doors. The first is a wood block print that I did of a red screen door on a garden building.

This sweet red door is on a studio space next to a house in Auburn on Gold Street.

This is Rodney Mott's house. Rodney is an artist and I'm sure you can see that he has plenty of it on his front steps. I wonder what the inside looks like?!

This Auburn Victorian with the picket fence has a great front door too.

Doors aren't just about the front of a house: garages need doors too and here is a great set on another Victorian in Auburn.

Double doors.

Round doors.

And finally, another Auburn Victorian with a red door and a maple tree. Doors are like the jewelry that we wear except that we can't change the "look" daily, depending on what kind of clothes we are wearing or how we are feeling. But, doors also give the viewer a peek into the style of the owner and how "dressy" we want to appear. I think a front door can make or break a house. And, the color of the door is important to me also. I mostly love red doors although I have seen some classy doors in various colors. I wonder what the color choice says about the owners inside? Do you think that color welcomes, invites, says something about the owners? I can't imagine that a door is just a door. To me, there is always a reason why we pick a certain color for our front door. I'm wondering if a plain, undecorated, boring brown door also says something about the owners inside...hmmmmm...maybe?


  1. Aren't doors wonderful? There's an exciting, inviting, mysterious quality about them that I love. Lovely post.

  2. Great looking doors...I especially like your print. I think most people put a lot of thought into their doors. I like mine, I didn't pick it but i did paint it to my liking!

  3. Willow--Yes, I really do think doors are wonderful. Is it me or do doors represent something about us? My friend says I read too much into things. That sometimes things are just what they are. I don't agree.

    Mary Ann--Yes, I think that most people DO put lots of thought into their doors because it is what you see first. Like making a first impression. I would love to see a photo of yours and what color you chose. Can you do that?

  4. Auburn looks absolutely charming. My front door is charcoal gray with brass numbers in the lower portion of the door, and fresh flowers in a metal vase to hide the fact that the door is gray. Gee...I wonder what that says about me? Never thought too much about that before.

  5. oooh, I love your print. Gorgeous. So fun to see the door that inspired it too. Great photos and post. I am embarrassed about my own front door. Which is a big ugly mess. I am going to try to remedy that. I think you are right about a door not being just a door.


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