Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Recently, Willow (of Life at Willow Manor) posted a survey of sorts to see how people felt about commenting on blogs. For me, I feel that it is an integral part of the blog community. If you wanted to just remain anonymous, why bother looking or writing a blog? The purpose, at least for me, is to connect in some sort of a fashion. I'm not saying that we have to be best friends, but commenting allows the blogger to see that they are making an impact. We may not always agree but that is part of just being a human being on the blue marble called earth. We will not always agree with everyone but when we do, it is so rewarding. At least for me.

She has a sentence at the bottom of her blog that says that she doesn't believe in coincidence. Neither do I. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that everything is connected. To wit: the postcard I found in my stash of which I neither remember where or when I found it, but what a statement, right? I truly believe this.

So, consider if you will my abstract depiction of me and how I view this connectedness. While walking at our local airport today I saw these lines painted on the asphalt and suddenly realized that they could represent my views of me and how I connect to everything (blog, world, you name it).

This first photo represents me: a yellow "T". T for Teri, T for tenacious, T for Taurus...an assortment of meanings for T really.

This second photo represents how we are all individuals. We are alone in this world really until we make a connection with others. We have our own ideas and are influenced by others occasionally, but if you are anything like me: once I make up my mind I am pretty much set in my ways.

We're alone then we go in different directions. We make a choice to take a different road occasionally. You can also look at this photo as being the opposite too. You start out separated and then come together with someone with like opinions and tastes.

During our stay here on earth we make connections to nature too. Rocks, leaves: they are all part of the journey. I see lots of connections with other bloggers in regards to nature. Wonderful photos of spiders, hydrangeas, white pumpkins, animals, rain, stones, etc. What an enormous amount of possible items that we can create from and about. Life is loaded with possibilities and the possibilities are endless.

My point in all this, (granted it is very abstract but a point none-the-less), is that we can choose to go it all alone or we can do it together. I would rather make some connections to others and know that there are like-minded people out there who appreciate all that I see each and every day. And, not always what I see is what others see but I am willing to learn and be exposed to other's ideas and thoughts. I am fifty-plus years old and I am never going to stop learning. In fact, I look to learn something new each day and am excited when I make that connection with others. Thanks Willow, for opening it up for discussion and thank you for opening my mind to other possibilities too. Like the guy holding the card says: the point is to know it and understand it. Knowing is easier than understanding but I am here to learn.


  1. This is a wonderful post. My whole life has been changed by this lovely blogging community. It's true. There are no coincidences and I am so glad I connected with beautiful people who understand this, like you.

  2. Great post. So true.
    Thank for your comment on my blog.
    White pumpkin I think won't get much bigger, sugar pumpkin size. Perfect for a little display with gourds or other white pumpkins. So easy to grow.

  3. This post makes soooo much sense to me. There are very few personal blogs that I read without commenting on (and I only don't comment because I feel intimidated or silly somehow.) I think commenting back and forth is half the joy of blogging and I look forward to commenting and reading others comments on my blog every day. In fact most of my motivation for posting every day is so I better my chances of having comments to respond to every day! It would seem so lonely without them.

  4. Ditto m.heart! I read posts that are so eloquently written and find it is intimidating for me to comment. Are all bloggers writers and poets?!!! If so...thank you for all the good reading and comments. And knowing there are others that feel like m.heart helps me feel less timid in sharing a comment. Thanks for the honest and open post Teri. I feel connected to you and your readers.

  5. For some time now, I have been roaming through your blog and I am glad to have found it by accident, like skipping stone on the water.

    Your varied views is very refreshing and I certainly identify with this collection of abstract views. I have always felt I could find countless patterns by just crossing the street.

    By the way, I love the masthead photo!

    Well, let me get back and look at some more of your post.

    Thank you for sharing


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