Monday, August 10, 2009


Starting on Friday I have to eat a low iodine diet until my radioactive tests are complete. It looks like it will be approximately 2-3 weeks before I can resume normal eating patterns (September 6th). I am the kind of person who loves breads and sweets of any kind so I am thinking this is not going to be too easy. I am not allowed to eat any bread products, no milk products, no meats that are packaged or treated in any way with any kind of brine treatment because the salt might be harboring iodine. This is going to be a strictly fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and organic meat diet. Plain and simple. What better time than summer though, to have to be restricted to fresh vegetables and fruits!

Yesterday B went over to visit our friend Bob who is the proprietor of Mighty Fine Farms and sells at our local Farmer's Market on Saturdays. Bob sent me a huge box (this is only a portion of what he sent) of vegetables from his garden--fresh picked that day--and has told B and me that he will supply ALL the veggies that I need while I am going through my treatment. He is the most considerate, generous person I know, always helping others out and will not accept anything in exchange. He told me that I would take away the pleasure he gets from giving if I offered to pay him. I just cannot thank him enough. And, I know that I will be eating all the best stuff for the next few weeks. And, the bonus is that it is grown locally. "Secret Notebooks, Wild Pages" talked awhile back about Locavore (I think that is how it is spelled) and the benefits of eating within so many miles of where you live. This is certainly local. And fresh. And filled with love.

Do you see those flowers there in the vase? Those are from his garden too! Beautiful Dahlias in every color imaginable. Each week he sells out all his flowers. People love fresh flowers. There is something about having them in the house that makes the house feel "complete". I have never grown Dahlias but I know that they require lots of good soil and water. Some of Bob's Dahlias are "dinner plate" variety...literally the size of a large dinner plate.

I am feeling a bit apprehensive about what I am in store for in the next month but I am also quite sure that when love of this kind pours in...there is no stopping the potential of that love and what it is capable of. Don't you agree?


  1. Yes, perfect time of year to eat healthy. And seriously, we should all be eating like this on a regular basis. Enjoy the LOVEly food.

  2. Willow--How right you are about eating like this. I tend to eat some of the foods that are probably not so great for me and I get tempted by blogger's food posts (!) and then eat things that are not so great for me. is only a few weeks. And, like you said filled with LOVE!! You are just too great! Have you seen Julie and Julia? Loved it!!! Want to own the movie. I bet we will see people cooking from her cookbook. I have already seen some posts regarding that.

  3. What beautiful veggies! So full of life giving energy. I don't have any veggies in my garden this year...but if I did I'd send some to you. I'm sending you my love instead. Anyway, about half way through that movie I realized it wasn't about food.... it was about love!
    I wish you well,

  4. What a generous offer of farm fresh produce! It looks fantastic. No bread would be especially difficult for me as well, but I'll be very curious to hear how you feel after a few weeks of eating so healthy!

  5. Yes, wholesome Food, love, generosity, friendship all offer us shelter from troubled times. A month to go inwardly and navigate along with love traveling through the windy paths and cellular sojourns we are traveling right now, as we speak. What a positive trip you surely are on right now Teri and I will send you sweet thoughts every day.

  6. Yes I agree. You can do it. What a treat to hae veggies (and flowers) from right up the road and given with such generosity and love. I really like your little yellow pot in the window. Good luck and go easy. Crunch munch and be happy.


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