Monday, November 2, 2009


I'm not sure about you, but do you think that the adults have just as much fun at Halloween as the kids do? When I asked this "person" if I could take a picture, the head just wiggled and moved from side-to-side and I overheard someone in the background say "there's a smile in there somewhere." Maybe so. Maybe that is the attraction of being in costume.

I never liked dressing up for Halloween, even as a child. It was never "my thing". I don't know if I already had low self-esteem then or not but I can remember being embarrassed about wearing a costume. I guess that I was just never into acting or drama. Somehow I always feel that they know who is really "in there" and they are judging me.
This guy obviously didn't have a care. I say "guy" but what do I know? There could be a "gal" in there, right? All I know is that there was the presence of a giant magical creature walking down the roads in Georgetown Saturday night. Magical.

I guess that I can really appreciate what these people go through with their costumes now that I am an adult and realize how hard it is to pull it off (and put it together.) This couple, Will and Maria, I have known for many years. My daughters used to work for them at The American River Inn in Georgetown. It is a beautiful place and they really do a great job of making people (lots of them perfect strangers) feel comfortable. They originally came from the east coast (New York or New Jersey maybe?) and have since owned different places around the world. Maria used to be a burlesque dancer. Seriously! We were watching TV one night and they were doing a special of burlesque dancers and there she was. She had "hinted" to my daughters that she used to be in "show business" but who knew? She still has a beautiful body too. The American River Inn is haunted too. Willow: you would appreciate that. People have stayed in the haunted room and the paramedics have had to respond! Good things they are just a block away!

Do you think that this couple will make it to Granny's house in one piece? Maybe not! At least Red Riding Hood might not. She might get eaten. X-rated comment, sorry!

This is a family affair. The Sampsons. Everyone in the family has a name that starts with an "M": Michele, Meg, Michael, Matthew, and Matteo. This photo is of mom Michele, son Matthew, and grandson Matteo. The "guy" with the green face is just a balloon! Not part of the family. Anyway, you can't see Matteo very well but mom Michele has a great costume (minus her mirror) and son/father Matthew does too. I didn't realize how creative he was with his costume until he threw back his black hood and exposed his eyes! Man...what they don't do with contact lenses these days. Incredible! See...I told you that the adults really get into Halloween around here.

Below this photo of Matthew is a close-up of Michele with her great costume and really great make-up. I only wish she would have had a hand-held mirror so she could have been saying "Mirror mirror on the wall" as she walked through town. She did have a really great walking stick/staff though. I wonder if her husband Michael made it for her?

Now, walking down the street we met our friend Nanette and her "ears". I just laughed and laughed and said "Great ears, Nanette". Her comment to me was "Same costume I have used for 22 years". I said "22 EARS?" We laughed and laughed about the 22 EARS!" Old friends. We go back at over 30 years. I knew her before she even moved up to Georgetown. Now she works at the grammar school and probably knows more people in town than I do.

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  1. These costumes are great! Far better than what I saw in Northampton Saturday - which were various takes on the slut costume — slutty nurse, slutty policewoman, stripper, slutty nun...yikes!


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