Sunday, November 15, 2009


When walking out in my yard the other day, I found these pomegranates dangling from the tree. I was surprised because that tree has never had fruit before. This is the second season and it just produced this amount. Not good but still exciting. The little ruby-red morsels are great tossed in a salad or just eaten alone. Granted, they are not easy to get at when you eat them and they have that hard center left after all the juicy goodness is gone, but it brings back memories of my childhood every time I eat one.


  1. Wow, your own pomegranates. That's amazing to me. Just to pick, hold, cut and wonder at these little miracles is wonderful. I love their shape. I remember one day in grammer school watching a girl eat one from her lunch bag and I was fascinated. We never had such exotic fruits. Yum!

  2. You have pomegrantes? I didn't know that!


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