Friday, November 20, 2009


Over at The Altered Page there was a posting on Monday, November 16 that caught my eye. It was titled "Face Time". I loved the images that Seth posted and realized that I had a few somewhat similar images of faces myself. Excuse the unprofessional back-drops of muslin curtains and a portion of the television. It was late when I read his post but I wanted to take the photos and download them before I totally got wrapped up in something else. You get the idea, I'm sure. .Another group of heads left over at the end of a semester at Sierra College. There
are no markings on the back side so the artist is unknown to me. I love them though.

This man was made at Sierra College by a student when I was working there. At the end of the semester I was allowed to take anything that I wanted if it wasn't picked up. It was always like Christmas at the end of the Fall season. I have lots and lots of "seconds" now. This guy is actually faceless---just the mere shape of his face exists. On the bottom it says: mystery. I'm not sure if it refers to the glaze he/she chose or if that is the title of the piece.
These heads came to me from an antique store in town. Mark A. Smith, who runs Jeep Jamboree, USA here (and they are all over the world too) brought these back on a trip he made to The Darien Gap. I think that they might have been Colombian in origin, I'm not sure. But, I love them. You can read about Mark's adventures in a book he has written called "Driven by a Dream". Mark and his team drove 400 km (250 miles)in 1978-1979. They drove this stretch of the gap in 30 days using five stock Jeep CJ-7's. They traveled many miles up the Atrato River via barges. He brought back a huge collection of artifacts from his trip. Mark in in his mid-to-late 80's now. What an exciting life he has had.


  1. Yes, I saw Seth's post as well and loved all the faces-- and reacted like you did--- you have a nice collection as well.

  2. Glad my post inspired you Teri and how great to see more faces. You have a great collection, though my favorite is the first group. Love the patina!!!


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