Sunday, November 1, 2009


My Halloween started in the afternoon leaving home and heading to Georgetown, where the merchants and most of the center of town had planned a great celebration and fun time for everyone. The recreation district helps organize the evening because living in such a rural area Halloween could be a difficult day to really enjoy. But this year, I think it was spectacular!

This is Church Street in the center of town. It is just starting to fill up with mostly the younger children because there are no street lights here and I think that it would be really frightening for most of the really younger children later in the evening: spooky music, scary costumes, crowded streets.

Larry Anderson has just recently moved his Napa Auto Parts business into this newly renovated building in the center of town. It is beautiful inside with black and white squares and beautiful wooden beams on the ceiling. He plans to display auto inside the building at times and is the proud owner of a race car.

I'm having a really difficult time working with this new version of the publisher so I am going to continue on another post and see if I can make it work better. Maybe someone knows how to load the photos in the order that I want them to appear? The way that it is now, they load in reverse order and then they won't drag into place easily either. Arrrghhhhhhh!


  1. That's a lovely tabletop arrangement you have there! And a nice spot for an auto parts business - my dad sold auto parts for 50 years so I have a soft spot for them ; )

  2. WOW, I love the arrangement too!


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