Saturday, November 7, 2009


Take a walk with me, won't you? I bet if you really concentrate you can hear the sound of the leaves crunching under your feet as you walk along this cement sidewalk in Petaluma, California. There is plenty of activity here this day: cars whizzing by, people visiting with each other as I pass by them slowly, camera in hand, and in the distance I can smell food cooking in assorted restaurants; wonderful pungent garlic makes its way to my nose.

The sun is starting to make its journey to the southern hemisphere but there is still plenty of it to go around this afternoon. It warms my face as I peer into this shop window. This window warms my heart (and my mind) as I stare at the colors of the pumpkins and notice that they also mimic the colors of the antique chest displayed with baskets on the top. Can you see those two wonderful baskets? You barely notice them because of the reflection in the window but if you look close enough you will see them (and me) there.

A bit farther down the road I find a cool spot to sit and rest. The restaurant next to this pond is just starting to prepare the food for the evening meal. The candles are being lit, the food is being chopped inside by the chef, and the waitresses are smiling and talking to each other as they prepare the tables for the customers who are due when the sun decides to set for the day. I guess that some restaurants are only open for evening meals in Petaluma. Maybe it makes more sense to them to devote all their time to finer dining than just the lunch crowd.

I have often thought of what it would be like to own a restaurant or even to work in a restaurant. I know that it would be really hard work. And, to make it really a success you have to have a winning combination of a great location, wonderful food, and good atmosphere. I am quite sure that I would never have the stamina to either own a restaurant or work in one but I do appreciate what goes into making a good one and what makes people want to come back. It takes a little luck and a lot of hard work to make it successful.

In my estimation, a good restaurant and a few good friends can take you to a place (if just momentarily) of solace when things might otherwise be quite difficult and harsh. Good food and good friends can make you laugh, can make you enjoy what life has to offer.

A good sense of humor can also help and this chandelier is a fine example of someone who definitely has a good grasp of that. I saw this hanging in a shop in Petaluma this same day and just had to take a picture of it. It made me laugh and smile and hopefully, others as well. Laughter is, of course, the best medicine.


  1. Lovely walk, Teri. I just noticed that you are the mother of identical twin girls. My husband has identical twin sisters and identical twin cousins. His father and his father's brother both had sets.

  2. What a nice post, richly detailed. Thanks for the walk!

  3. Great walk in downtown Petaluma...I like the old city revised shops and restaurants...nice atmosphere...great destination. Humor can heal just about anything but especially wounded hearts!

  4. Hey Teri, I forgot the sugar in that cookie recipe. It's now been corrected, so pop over and get the right version before you make them. Sorry about that!! :P


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