Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I recently sent my friend a birthday card that said something like: "You're not old until your lipstick starts creeping up over your lip". (Or something like that). Anyway, you get the idea. You've all seen women who need to make their upper lip "a bit bigger", so the lipstick finds it's way up closer to your nose than it should be.

This is my granddaughter, Natalie, who has shown you HER version of getting older here. She is five now. She turned five the end of May and continues to amaze me every day. Her Mommy and Daddy are the best parents and really have done a wonderful job raising her. I feel lucky to be around her all the time now, watching her grow. What a wonderful summer she is having. Ocean trips, collecting shells, swimming lessons, movies, sleep-overs...what every young girl should experience and remember. Now that we have a pool we get to see her much more than we used to. And with a summer full of hot days, there will be many more opportunities I'm sure.

Wishing you all a summer full of memories, hot days, and dips in a pool, lake, stream or river. The special fragrance that comes along with summer will make an indelible mark in your mind. Scents have the ability to transport you instantly to a place and time from years before. Smells like skunks, damp grass, ripening fruit, chlorine from a pool, flowers like roses and their sweet fragrance wafting in the air, the smell of damp earth around a lake, wood-smoke from a campfire, pine needles at higher elevations, the strange smell of canvas from a tent, sun-tan lotion. These are some of the smells that are permanently embedded in my mind. What about you? What scents spell summer for you?


  1. ah love those smells...was laughing at the boys yesterday eating ice cream cones and getting it all over their face much like this too cute...

  2. Oh my...grandchildren...blessing of life
    I posted about the smell of summer today too
    but I admit you are much more eloquent...with your details....yes..I love all those smells..don't you wish you could go back for one day of smelling them as a child?
    I love how you love your granddaughter...warms my heart...I love love

  3. My favourite summer smell is that of rain on dry earth.
    Aren't we both so fortunate to have our grandchildren close? Mine went away for a week and I felt lost!
    Love the photo of Natalie! So cute!

  4. Ah - the smells and sounds of summer, not to mention having the grandkids visit! I am partial to all three! I think my favorite summer scent is new-mown hay.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my site :)

  5. What a sweetie! Beautiful smile! Glad you're having some fun time with Natalie this summer. They seem to grow up so fast.
    Sorry I've dropped out of the loop for a bit...much needed time to just be. It seems the computer was consuming me. Summer goes quickly here, and so I find I must seize the day and try harder to be in the present moment with the beauty of nature. It is so healing and calming and unfortunately brief here in my neck of the woods.


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