Tuesday, July 6, 2010


A few weeks ago I saw this when I looked up inside of a tree. The other day, in a completely different tree, I found this. I'm not sure how they are getting there but someone is having a great time "planting" rocks in trees. I guess it just goes to show you that you should never take anything for granted and always expect the unexpected. Always!

Happy 75th Birthday Dalai Lama!


  1. the shot you took is great ... with that red leaf (upside down mind you) I am getting the eye and a face ... :) >>> Gina

  2. Don't ask me why but an Edward de Bono quote leapt into my head - 'Complexity creates confusion, simplicity focus.' I just can't decide whether there might be a complex answer or a simple one. Keeps your life interesting though, huh?

  3. Was it in the same area? I feel like doing the same...quirky!

    Love him! Happy Birthday, Dalai Lama! Hehe! He's always giggling!

  4. ha. there has got to be an interesting story behind this....and happy birthday indeed.

  5. How large are these rocks anyway? I saw the other one you found. That's great that you found 2 of them. If they are very big I don't think anyone could lift them up there. And what kind of rocks are they? Did they fall from the sky? So many questions and I'm so curious.......:D

  6. Yvonne--They are actually quite large...at least a foot, maybe more. I think that someone must have lifted them there however, the one from the previous post looks as though it has gotten stuck between the two limbs so it seems as though it has been there quite some time.

    Brian--I am going to have to keep my eyes open around this area and see if I can find more. These I found on the County property where I work and there are lots of people walking around here all day long. Probably a joke that someone has played but I found it and have posted it for "the world" to see! Ha!

    Alaine--Yes, the same area. You should! Go and pick up some rocks and start putting them up in trees. You're bound to really make someone wonder...someone like ME that looks up all the time (for my job). Not many people seem to actually get right up under and tree and look up, I think. Unless you are laying on the ground looking up.

    Gina--I don't think I see what you are talking about (the upside down thing). I do see the face however but the leaf is right-side up that creates the eye, coming off the thin branch. Maybe you see something that I don't.

  7. wow..anyone think alien pod? :)

  8. well, it did get you to look twice and do a double take seeing it again-- which is what art should do

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