Tuesday, November 15, 2011


You know how when you drive past a house and it just beckons you to come in? This house has always done that for me. Each time I have driven or walked past this house, it has always made me want to see what is on the inside. Last weekend, there was a sign on the tree at the driveway that said: "Pottery Sale". And so, my dream to see the inside finally came through. And the tree in the front was just the icing on the cake!

The kitchen was so warm and inviting. Food prepared and sitting out on the center island, along with many clay pieces that were for sale. This was the 2011 Pottery Sale and Open House for "Clay in the Master's Hands".

The wonderful stove had a few of the garlic keepers and hand-made pumpkins sitting on display. Fresh hot mulled cider steeped on the stove also.

A little corner of the kitchen had some of the regular items that every kitchen has including the two hand-thrown mugs, a couple of bowls, and a milk shake mixer. Well...maybe not the milk shake mixer. I have always wanted one but do not own one (yet)!

The dining room area has a banquette complete with toille cushions and matching window dressings...just enough to look good and add some color but not enough to spoil the view out the window.

A few of the home-owner's pumpkin collections were displayed on the hutch that was hand-made by her father.

Here you see cupboards that are new but made to look old, filled with every type of hand-thrown pottery. These pieces are all hand crafted and wheel thrown by Jim Esway. He was giving demonstrations and also had a sign-up sheet for pottery classes he will be starting in January. I just might have a new hobby in the New Year!

This is what you saw when you walked in the door. The living room furniture had been removed and tables were displayed with his wares. Beautiful colors, beautiful functionality, beautiful glazes. They all made you just want to pick them up and touch them.

Isn't it great when fate steps in and gives you something you had wished for? It seems like this is happening more and more for me lately. Things I have wished for (like selling our home and buying a new one) seem to be opening up without much effort. And this house that peered out at me from the meadow that it sits in? It opened it's doors to me too without much effort either. I just had to follow the sign. And the signs are everywhere. You just have to look for them!


  1. very cool that you got the peak behind the curtain...smiles...i love that milkshake maker how cool is that...keep following those signs...esp if doors are opening...

  2. Did you get any pottery? Would have loved a few close ups. Lovely warm and inviting home.

  3. In regards to Linda's comments: you can click on the link "clay in the master's hands" above and see the pottery close-up in their own website. I thought it was more professional for me to let them "show you" in the way they intended rather than me do it "my way". Thanks for the comments. And yes, I purchased a Butter Keeper. Very unique item!

  4. Teri, I love your closing thought. I believe signs are everywhere, we just have to be aware and start really seeing. How cool that you got to go into the house and have your request answered. Love that kitchen!

  5. Hello from Australia!
    What a great house and how well presented the pottery on sale!
    Thanks for the tour. I'm sure I will enjoy your blog

  6. What an amazing place. I love pottery shows in fact I am going to one tomorrow.


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