Sunday, November 13, 2011


Our week started out as usual, with Baby Mae. And this week Bill was able to help me with her since his hand is doing much better. Walking a baby around in a pack most of the day can make your shoulders a little bit sore. So, the help during the week is always appreciated. Good job, Papa!!Is this where the phrase "don't play with your food" comes from? Or, is it like I always said to my Mom when I was growing up "you can't have any fun unless you get dirty". Whatever the case, there is never a dull moment during our busy week.

And folding laundry? Easy, peasy!! Just take the laundry out and put the baby in! That always solves the problem, at least for the moment. Life each day with a baby is just that: living for the moment.

Babies change from minute to minute. I watch this little one grow and change each week. New finger-nail scratches appear instantly under the eye. The mood can switch from happy and giggling one minute to unhappy and crying the next. No two days are ever the same. No minute is just like the last. What worked yesterday to appease her will not work tomorrow. I guess it is all a growing process. She is learning what works and what doesn't, what makes her feel good about herself and what gets results.

Isn't it great what you can learn just from being around a baby? Life's lessons in a nutshell. Life's lessons happen each minute, not just each day. And best of all? If I get angry or I'm in a bad mood one day, just like that she can change my attitude. I could never hold a grudge. I could never ignore her and never speak to her again. I could never wake up one day and not want to communicate with her. I could never let years go by...and by and by.

This baby teaches me to be present in the moment, to share her with anyone that wants to know about her, that it's OK to be unhappy for the moment but remember that just like that, I can un-do that unhappiness and move ahead. I can't hold a grudge against her for any reason. I have to communicate with her on a moment-to-moment basis because she is learning to adjust, just like I am. This is unconditional love. This is "out of the mouths of babes." This is living. And our busy week? Just like that, it is over and done with and I have a few photos to remember it by. And hopefully, I have retained some good memories and not held any grudges. Because life is too short. Don't you agree? What is your baby teaching you?


  1. the look on bills face have a way of doing that to adults...i remember weeks that are just a blur when our kids were that age...

  2. Such a sweet baby and so nice to see her enjoying being "packed" around by her Papa.

  3. Baby Mae just makes the world a better place with her contagious smile! Blessings! Mary Helen

  4. My babies taught me that they grow too fast and leave the nest too soon and I should have maybe had 6 instead of 2 :)
    Please , give those beautiful little cheeks a kiss from me .. thank you ~ C

  5. Awww look at all those babies :)

    And all those lessons being taught to you by a baby...

    hugs :)

  6. Especially love the top pic! What a delicious baby. Lucky you to spend time with her! (and her too of course)


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