Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Natalie didn't want to Trick or Treat last night so we walked around the neighborhood and took pictures of all the decorations that everyone put up. Here was one of The Grinch that she liked.

So, we returned to the house and she was given "the job" of passing out candy! We needed to tell her the rules though. Otherwise some of the older kids tried to take advantage of the situation. You know: when there's free candy involved, why not!

And of course, this was Mae's first Halloween so the little "B" just buzzed around watching all the activity and really was a good little girl.

The holidays are upon us now. It seems that from Halloween until Christmas they just roll from one to the other with not much time to breathe in between. I guess the trick is to roll with them and enjoy the ride!
Happy Day-after Halloween everyone!


  1. Your babies are totally awesome....I think we need to preserve this special holiday with costumes for generations to come...fun fun fun for everyone! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. nice...great pics...my boys went early because they were more excited to be home and pass out candy to see everyone as well...

  3. Hi Teri,

    Well, I am a NUT about weeding and try to ferret out every one constantly. It is amazing that I can think I have the garden in tip top shape and then-WHAM, weeds appear.

    This summer my son watered for me three times a week and a young student worked four hours a week on upkeep, but it is still not the same.

    Love the photos. My grands wanted to hand out candy more than they wanted to trick-or-treat.

    Joys to you,


  4. Looks like it was a fun night.

  5. Your kidlets are adorable. Mine are all grown so I just get to enjoy the neighbourhood children now. Thanks for your visit to my blog. It's always lovely to welcome a new face.

  6. Lovely photos Teri!

    Glad you all had fun :)


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