Friday, October 30, 2009


Afternoon light is such a wonderful thing. I like it the best because it is warmer and has a yellow cast to it. In the Winter months, the light through this sliding-glass door is less common here at home because this door faces north and when the sun goes farther south for the winter, there is barely any light available on the deck until Spring.

I always feel better in the afternoon too. I have never been a morning person and it is hard for me to get myself up and out of bed unless I really have to. But, come afternoon, I am ready to do most things. I love the colors of the warm wood and the chamois color of the leather sofa too. Leather just gets better with age, like most of us. It stands the test of time and the wrinkles just show more character. It is comfortable and cozy and that is the way I think a home should be.

I like the way that it warms up the longer I sit on it. The leather becomes softer too the more you sit on it and really, it takes a lot of abuse. And, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth or leather cleaner. Basically, I think this leather sofa is a good metaphor for my life; maybe all life.

Sit and make yourself comfortable, enjoy a long snooze. It warms up the longer you are around, gets better with age. The wrinkles enhance the beauty of the sofa and adds character to its "face" (its appearance). Is there anything better than a familiar face? A warm, inviting place to sit and relax? Life should be filled with comfort, with wrinkles, with respect for "the elderly".

I intend to spend a lot of time on this sofa this Winter. I will cover myself up with my cozy blanket and be warmed by the fire in the wood stove. I will contemplate life from this sofa. I will probably gain a wrinkle or two sitting on this sofa this Winter but so will the sofa. We will bask in the warm glow of the season and come out on the other side of Winter a little better off.  I'm looking forward to a long, cozy Winter with all of you keeping me entertained. If we happen to take a snooze along the way, you and I, well then it will just add some character to our faces. Our familiar faces.

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  1. Sweet post.
    Made me want to be in that room and on that sofa. Sounds lovely.
    You're right on about your comparisons.
    Wrinkles make us softer.
    Soft is good.


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