Friday, October 29, 2010


I guess that animals get in the spirit of Halloween too. This guy decided he wanted to dress up as an Oreo cookie! There is a commercial on TV about how the cows in California are just different than any others. I guess this is living proof. And this one really was different because he sparked something special in me.

Today is October 29, 2010 and it was also my last day of work. What could be better? The last day of work, a holiday weekend to celebrate, a party to attend with good food, friends and music and a wonderful lunch hour with treasured friends from work! Life doesn't get any better really. I am blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life who care about me, who express to me how much they will miss me while I am off, and others who have been long-time friends and are there to listen and support me when I need to talk. Life throws us obstacles occasionally but it is how we respond to them that shows our mettle.

A friend and I had lunch yesterday at a small cafe in town. While driving there to meet her I was noticing the trees that were turning all shades of yellow, orange and red along the roadside. The sky was especially wonderful too with a warm glow of sunshine, a bright blue sky, and some white clouds thrown in for good measure. It was the perfect formula. It made me think to myself how lucky the two of us are to have landed here where we did. We were able to leave the hustle of the city behind us and find the relaxed life of a foothill community. And, we also found each other again after a period of time. Life is funny that way. Just when you think that you have lost someone, they appear just at the right time in your life again.

The room at the cafe was filled with wonderful artwork on the walls. The gleaming cement floors were a warm chocolate brown to match the ceiling above. The tables glistened with the color of warm maple syrup. And the sun was shining outside, casting a warm and cozy glow through the wall of glass. And, not only was it a feast for the eyes but the moment you walked inside your noise was treated to the smells of garlic and other wonderful spices. Vegetarian foods are served on the menu as well as other healthy choices. Everything is on the table for your convenience: the utensils sitting right there in a neat little wooden partitioned box holding knives, forks, spoons, and brown paper napkins. Nothing looks sterile; everything looks cozy and familiar.

Just like the presence of a good friend. Life is good when you are loved and appreciated. Life is good even if you're not I suppose. But, it is so much more complete, so much more full of the very essence of life when you can take the time to really let the essence of it soak into your very being; become immersed with all that is around you. It's those small things that are important. It's the connections you make with those people that will sustain you when you are down, when you are depressed and need someone to cheer you up.

I noticed this Oreo cookie cow and by just seeing him that very moment he opened me up to something that was not there five minutes before. How many Oreo cookie cows can do that? This one came out of the blue cellophane wrapper, landed in the light brown field, and was just waiting there for me to dunk him in my glass of memories. And he was sweet is that!


  1. i like oreos...and i like cows...oreo cows all the better...smiles. good friends are like the cream filling holding the cookies together...

  2. what a wonderful post
    truly a plate of cookies and milk

  3. Gosh....Brian can really sum it up perfectly. His comments are just as much a pleasure to read here as your lovely post Teri. I feel like I got to see the cafe through your description. Glad you enjoyed your time there. Hope you felt my love and light thoughts were with you.

  4. This is a wonderful post and your last paragraph is just too lovely. What an expression of thankfulness for life and the unexpected joys that appear when we least expect them to.
    That cow looks like he lives in the California advertisement .... one of the contented ones. He is actually a Dutch Belted Cow and he is just gorgeous. We do have them down between Napa Co. and Sonoma Co. I drove through a farm their once and there they were... Oreo cows in a light brown field of grass. Where's a glass of milk when you need one.
    Oh what a beautiful world we live in if we have the eyes to see and friends to share it with.
    Charming post....


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