Monday, October 25, 2010


We start out alone needing only oxygen, food and water to sustain us.

I breathe the air, taste the food, sip the water.

We meet, fall in love, sit shoulder to shoulder with each other.

I touch touch me.
See me on the right with the smile on my face?

We have separate interests and go our separate ways occasionally
but we are always joined by the thread of love.

Follow it...see that it comes back to me.

Life gets crowded occasionally. We bump into many people; we over-lap, get pushed aside. This life can be a crowded place but we each learn from each other. We round our shoulders on each other, make apologies along the way when we hurt someones feelings. We tumble and turn and always end up on top.

We learn. And grow.
Sometimes our lives end up with less people around us. Some have left us and moved on. Some have passed over to a greater place. These are all part of the changes that life brings our way.

No matter. In the end:

We all end up totally alone, giving up our oxygen, our food, the water that sustained us while we journeyed here.

I know that the thread that I followed here will be on the other side, waiting for me.
The love that I found here will be waiting there too.

And then the story will unfold once again.


  1. that was beautiful...and marvelously matched to the pics as well...a real piece of art...nicely done.

  2. yep- you are so correct. Lovely telling with the stones.

  3. beautiful...and so very right on. I love the photos you put together for this story...beautiful. I'm not hoping for this anytime soon....but I sure hope we get to meet on the other side. I say that everyone we get the chance to be friends with is intentional. I'm hoping that the other side will look like your photo with the most rocks in it.

  4. Love the journey. What a wonderfully illustrated way to tell it - wish I could be so sure about the thread of love on the other side but even if it isn't, I've had it here...

  5. What a lovely illustration. I understand this completely. Your photos are perfect.
    I don't know where we go after we leave here, but I sure hope we get another chance to do this again. I'm going for Nirvana.... and my ego keeps getting in the way.


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