Saturday, October 9, 2010


Last weekend we went to West Point in Amador County to watch their annual Lumber Jack Days. We met our friends Rene' and Greg there and my daughter April went with us. I'm not sure what kind of parades you are used to watching but this is a "small town parade" filled with a lot of the local flavor and what the area is all about. West Point was settled by Kit Carson and so, as you will see from the photos, there were lots of horse entries as well as a car show and demonstrations.

This is my friend Rene' from Placer County Agricultural Department. Isn't she beautiful? And with a personality to match! She is smart, well-read, a college graduate and she loves animals. She is my "go-to" girl at work. She is always there for me when I have a question---willing to help. She is also a cancer survivor. What is that saying? "When one door closes another one opens?" Yes...she is that for me. We have signed up in the month of November to write a book with the NaNoWriMo group. Should be fun!
There was a small-town car show staged on Main Street. Rene' took this photo and sent it, along with others, to me. The smaller photos in the grouping are from Rene'.

Check out this beautiful horse with his war paint!

You are never too old or too young to participate in the parade.

She already has "the wave" down. They must teach that at an early age for parade entrants. Or maybe it just comes natural!

Sweet animals and young people in this parade.

This donkey was absolutely gorgeous! His rider was equally stunning.

Aren't those ears just incredible?

And here is a smaller version complete with long underwear, tin cup, bed roll, and lantern. He must have taken the Boy Scout's pledge about always being prepared.

This rider and his horse were absolutely stunning as well.

Doesn't that horse look regal the way that he is posing?

And, what parade would not be complete without older entrants? This float represented AARP. It appears that West Point has a large elderly population. It seems to be a place that people have come to retire.
Ole' !


  1. haha, fun lumber jack days...did they have wood slipping and tree felling? we love t go stuff like this...and yes nice ears...

  2. Loved the old farts float....wonderful pictures Teri and nice to see such a good show of community. And glad you are growing a new and beautiful friendship with Rene'.
    The donkey just made me want to say out loud...hee haw!!

  3. What a fun time. The small town parades are the best ones. I remember sitting on the curb and watching the Napa Parade in the 40's and 50's. It was such fun.
    You would think that living so close to West Point that we would have gone to see this but we haven't. Must make a point of going next year.
    Wonderful photos....

  4. These are festive and fun images.


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