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Happy Anniversary April and Joel! Six years ago today, you were married in our backyard. We held the reception the next day and what a gorgeous day it was! The sun was shining, you were surrounded by family and friends, and it was a day to remember. We decorated with hay bails and quilts and had the old Chevy filled to the brim with sodas, beer and wine. And we cooked all the food ourselves. Our neighbor, Dawn, who had just graduated from California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, made the wonderful wedding cake. What a day to remember!

Here are the twins on that day. April is the bride and on the right and Kimberly is on the left. Kimberly was pregnant in the photo and the strange thing (looking back now) is that April is pregnant now and due just 3 days earlier than Kimberly was 5 years ago. So, what's that saying about twins and how close they are?? In this case, it is so true. These two girls are truly best friends. They married brothers, live next door to each other, and see and talk to each other almost every day. What an incredible relationship. Best friends AND sisters! I don't think you can ever get anything better than that.

Here's a photo of April and Joel at Bass Lake one year. We had gone down there to honor the daughter of one of my high school friends who had been killed in an automobile accident. We planted trees in her honor, visited with old friends, ate until we couldn't eat anything more, and talked into the wee hours of the night. It, too, was a wonderful October day. Cool evenings that required jackets but the days were warm and clear with that wonderful orange glow in the sky.

Speaking of "that wonderful orange glow in the sky"! This is a postcard that April and Joel sent to me from Moorea. After their wedding they took a trip to Tahiti and Bora Bora...lucky kids! They say in the postcard that "it's beautiful here and the people are so warm and loving".

I'm proud of my kids for choosing to have a wedding at home that, even though was devoid of all the fancy accoutrement's, was still filled with the same love and spirit. They managed to save enough money to take a wonderful honeymoon (one I never got 37 years ago) and have incredible memories to think back on.

Life changes and evolves each day; each year. I think back over the past few years (and especially the last few months) and fondly remember those special moments with those special people in my life. Some have passed on, some have chosen to remove themselves from my life, and others remain true. I am trying to not judge what was but focus on what is and what will be. We are blessed to be having another baby in our our family. What could be more special than that! They already have some names picked out for our little one. They will be family names to honor those who are still here and those who have gone before us.

October came without notice really. The trees have not turned color here yet although I hear that back east most of the color is gone thanks to the wind and rain. October is a signal month for me. It would seem that experiencing the leaves turning color, falling off the trees and dying, would be a sad time. But for me it has always seemed like a new beginning. There is a vibrancy to the trees and to the sky that cannot be described in words.

And this year especially, with the news of our new grandchild arriving next May, it is something to look forward to. It signals me to appreciate the life that is there even though it may be hidden from view. It signals me to prepare and nest and take care of myself. It signals me to enjoy my life to the fullest with people who care about me and not to waste time and energy and thoughts on those who don't. If they did care, they'd let me know.

So, Happy Anniversary April and Joel. You truly received a wonderful anniversary gift this year, didn't you! You waited until the time was right, you saved money and prepared for the event, you really thought this through. Life is not easy, that's for sure. But, you two are examples of what people can do if they really care enough about each other to work on the relationship. I'm glad that you didn't just give up when something went awry. You chose to work on the relationship and to communicate. Communication is the key, right April? Isn't that what you are always telling me? Thank you both for always being examples to me.


  1. happy anniversary to them and congrats on the new one on the way...that is a gorgeous post card...and it is cool that they live next to each other...nice.

  2. Happy anniversary April and Joel!
    Teri...what a beautiful family...the garden wedding sounded wonderful, and so meaningful. Communication seems to have kept you all so very close. What a true blessing...

  3. Congrats to them both and many more years together. Agreed, communication is all important!

  4. Oh this was moving
    grandchildren wonderful did something right

  5. Happy 6th Anniversary...
    sweet post.


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