Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The Botanical Gardens have a wonderful area where they grow lots of begonias and fuchsias.

There is also an area that has succulents of many varieties and cactus. I love the variety that we saw here.

Another sculpture that was made to look like it was made out of re-bar but it was really ceramic.

More sculptures. Aren't these just wild? I love how "other-worldly" they are.

There was an area especially for children. The area was all fenced off with twigs and the children were allowed to make altars or fairy houses in this area. This is one that some child or children made prior to us arriving there.

Here's another one at the base of the tree. I think that Lynne Hoppe would really appreciate the work that these children have put into making their tree altars.

Here's our Natalie making hers. She was so proud of what she had done.

Down the road a bit there was a building sitting on the hillside overlooking the ocean. Inside there was a whale vertebrae that was on loan for everyone to see.

I have never seen a white-spotted seal, have you?


  1. cool pics...i think my favs are of the kids area...love to see them be creative...that white one that looks like martian flowers is very cool....

  2. great photos, love the children alters idea. and no, i've never seen a seal like that, thank you! what a treat.


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