Monday, December 6, 2010


These are images from one of our favorite stores in Grass Valley yesterday. The store is called The Wild Plum and it is filled with all sorts of woodsy items and glorious ornaments of all shapes and sizes. There were even fairy houses made out of wood bark, moss, and assorted mushroom items. The insides of these fairy houses were complete with small tables, chandeliers that were lit, miniature fireplaces, dishes, and anything that a small fairy would love and be comfortable with. This place is a feast for the eyes.

"Christmas is about discovering the light within, whether we call it Christ consciousness or Buddha nature; it's about light and enlightenment, waking up to our true nature."
From Sunday service at Unity of Auburn
Mark Schindler, Pastor


  1. nice...that second pic looks really cozy...

  2. Oh yes...." consciousness....Buddha nature... light and enlightenment."
    This may go on my Christmas cards if I every get some sent.
    I need to travel to Grass Valley and Nevada City one of these days. This store is a visual delight.

  3. What a beautiful Christmas shop! Gorgeous. I've totally toned things down this year because of my granddaughter. And because I'm not feeling like putting that much emphasis on the holiday out of respect for all the other religions out there that I also draw from. seems commercialism is at its strongest this time of year...and let's face it..the economy has put a damper on the spending for most of us. I rather like less focus on the gifts, and all the hoop-la.
    Really liked what the pastor at Unity had to say. Also enjoyed your photos.
    Take care...xo

  4. I want to pinch Farm Lady's words - a visual delight! Love the warmth of the colours and the comfortable rustic feel of the place!

  5. I have spent many a summer up ther on the yuba river in the grass valley and Nevada city area ....seems like eons ago .... Well maybe it was eons ago ;)


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