Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tim Hawkins- Old Rock Star Songs

I hope I am not really THIS old! I grew up with these groups and I am hoping that when I go see Eric Clapton in March, he is not singing songs like this!!!

Yes, Eric Clapton in March! I have never seen him live but love his music and he is coming here in March and we are already making plans with another couple to go "rock on". (I hope they don't think that it is weird to see a grey-haired lady there...I feel young at heart but the hair sometimes changes people's opinions of who I am...snap judgments I say!!!)


  1. nice...eric clapton will be a good show...saw this earlier this week...pretty funny

  2. If there's one place I am never self-conscious about my age, it's at concerts. There is always the love of the music in common with the rest of the audience.

    Hope you have a blast! And look forward to reading about it here.

  3. We both love Eric Clapton and, Teri, I think there will be quite a few grey-haired people in the audience! Love his playing, especially Sultans of Swing. Lucky you!

    I'll never forget a documentary about him decades ago when he was young and handsome (and probably high as a kite!); he and Patti lounging around on huge cushions, the air thick with smoke...

  4. I meant Sultans of Swing with Dire Straits - have a look at this clip -


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