Thursday, December 2, 2010



I am half wood, half glass panes.
Freud would say that was a slip.
I am located at the front
and allow strangers to enter.
I am not placed at the side of the house
where editing of those who enter,
who are allowed to enter,
takes place.
I am transparent, reflecting views,
one-handled so that all know how to enter.
Those that knock will not be turned away.
My glass is well-lit and I am open for all to see
the true me.
I speak only truth because,
as you can see,
I have fragile glass in my middle,
glass that will allow only truth and light
to pass.
My glass can be broken though.
Should I move my door to the back?
I think not.
I am forever at the front.
(I am up-front).
I am painted a welcoming color.
My glass is clean.
I await your knock.

Go to Magpie Tales to see more submissions of poetry from Willow's weekly prompts.


  1. I LOVE your photos. This door in the snow...the stone, the lamp, and the peek into your warm, protecting home through shiny windows..... Beautiful!!
    A lovely poem...A wonderful ode to a door.
    I will look at our doors differently because of this post.

  2. Farmlady--I can't take credit for this photo. Willow has a weekly photo and when you visit her site (Magpie Tales) you will see other people's posts too, regarding the door. She takes the most wonderful photos and also writes beautiful poems. Go check her out!

  3. yes, we are all doors, aren't we
    front back open closed
    our choice...
    nice magpie

  4. teri!
    this is a very cool photo! love the wall and colors. doors are kinda intriguing in many ways.
    nikonsniper steve

  5. ha...there are some nice quips in this...that made me smile...nicely done...

  6. And the inner light can shine through...

  7. lovely words for this photo of Willows

  8. Story of the door ... wonderful Magpie!

  9. Your door speaks, and eloquently. Nice magpie.

  10. Deep and reflective. I loved this, Teri.

  11. Your door is pensive and welcoming with this beautiful poem.


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