Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'm late, it seems, at reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I have heard much about it, have seen it advertised as a movie, but just have not picked up the book and read it until now. And, I have just started reading it but I can already tell that I am going to love it.

I am not really religious; I consider myself more spiritual than religious. Elizabeth Gilbert writes on page 206: "your to keep searching for the metaphors, rituals and teachers that will help you move ever closer to divinity. The Yogic scriptures say that God responds to the sacred prayers and efforts of human beings in any way whatsoever that mortals choose to worship--just so long as those prayers are sincere."

And here is the part that really stood out to me in Elizabeth's book on the same page: "A line from the Upanishads suggests "People follow different paths, straight or crooked, according to their temperament, depending on which they consider best, or most appropriate---and all reach You, just as rivers enter the ocean."

I am more interested in Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men. I don't believe that we can arrive at these two places by hating other religions, by killing other people for any reason, by not giving of ourselves wherever we can. I cannot believe that the Christ that we celebrate at this time of the year would approve of any of that. After all, he was born homeless, poor, and to an unmarried woman. I believe that he spent his life helping people that others shunned.

I wonder if I would recognize him if he was sitting in a cozy chair at Starbuck's this morning, trying to stay warm and dry, when I purchased my decaf mocha. I should have bought him cup of coffee and a piece of gingerbread. Would he have been offended if I did? Or would he have thanked me? Tomorrow, if he is still sitting in that chair, I will offer to buy him something. Good Will Toward Men.

Haven't we all heard the saying: Actions speak louder than words? The best way to "spread the news" is by letting our own light shine. This was the message today at my church service. Christmas puts a human face on God. I am happy to pass today's lesson on.


  1. thanks for passing it on...if we could keep it in mind through out the year all the better...great msg...

  2. Oh this was beautiful
    yes, yes, was God in Starbucks
    as was the man begging at my car window at my daughters the other day...yes
    God came to change our inner life
    so we can show others love...God is love
    In hebrew I heard that the letters for God are love and that love means in hebrew give
    Merry Christmas
    sweet soul sister and bless your family

  3. Thank you for this post. I didn't read the book but recently I rented the movie and they must have based the movie on some other screenplay because it's not worthy of anything that you were talking about. I will read the book now.
    Once many years ago I gave a coke and some money to a man who was sitting in front of a store that I had just come out of. It was a hot day and he had one of those signs about needing work. It was a very hot day. The look in his eyes when I handed him that coke was one of thankfulness and "light".
    I'm the one who learned something that day. Does it matter that we don't know who this person is? God or angel? Does it matter the reason he was in need?
    Did your light shine? Yes.

  4. Teri,
    I loved what you wrote here...we really are kindred spirits.
    Eat Pray Love remains one of my favorite books. The movie was just okay...but it focused on all the things that the movie industry thought were appealing to the masses. The spiritual aspects of Gilbert's experience are just grazed over in the movie...instead it's all about the guy's she gets involved in. She was on a self quest...and Hollywood dropped the ball...I think. It could have had so much more meaning if they were able to look past making decisions based on the dollars to be made pleasing surface thinkers. But that's just my big 'ol condescending as that might sound.
    I imagine if I ever bumped into to Jesus...he'd be the coolest hippie ever. It's a shame what's been done to his persona. I guess it's one of the reasons I choose to embrace spiritualism and not religion also.
    Loved this post Teri...big hugs to you!
    Happy winter solstice. Looking forward to more light in the more ways than one! xo

  5. Please feel free to take the awards in the post , share each award with 1 to 10 friends,

    Awards 4 u, Merry Christmas

  6. lovely Teri. Love your header. Sorry I haven't been here. Beatiful post. Thank you for passing on the word. I loved Eat Pray Love, listened to it on audio read by EG herself, it was astounding.
    And Merry Christmas!

  7. EPL is my favorite book EVER - glad you are enjoying! it's always interesting to see what place ends up being each person's favorite :)


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