Monday, December 6, 2010

Other People's Flowers

I have been a fan of Crystal Neubauer and her art for quite some time. This is the second group of art I have purchased from her and I hope to purchase more in the future. There is something incredibly real about her art to me. You can visit her website at: I think that you will be happy you did!

These pieces just spoke to me. First of all, I loved the images of the birds that she transferred on to the en caustic pieces. Each piece of art is filled with wonderful old paper words and images too. The words appealed and spoke to me for various reasons. This is first and foremost what appeals to me when I purchase art. The piece has to speak to me and these three pieces spoke volumes.

I once had a friend who is an artist herself (and a teacher of art) ask me if each piece that I have made always has a story. Absolutely I told her. When I create a piece of art the images tell a story as well as the colors I choose and the words that I use also. To me each piece HAS to tell a story. My story doesn't have to make itself known to all those who view my art but it ALWAYS tells a story to me. For me, that is the purpose. It isn't about making something "match". Color is an important component to what I create but not always the most important. I would say that what I try to say with what I create is the most important to me.

And, it has been awhile since I have been able to create my art. But my intention now is to begin again. I am setting aside time and money to create and learn more. I plan to take new classes in the upcoming year too (that is why I am setting aside money). There are so many artists out there willing to share their talents with us in the form of classes, writings, and even sales of their own art. I love to support other artists and have started collecting many things that I find here in Blogland. It is important to me; it is important to them; it is important! We need to support fellow artists in any way that we can. They pour their hearts out in their work. They invest lots of time away from family to create their art. They also invest lots of money of their own too (supplies, schooling, time [which is money], advertising, etc.).

If I were to say anything of encouragement to any of you who are reading this, I would say BUY ART! You can never go wrong with art. You might not know the artist's story but you can make the art read what YOU want it to say by making your own story about what it is saying to YOU! After all, it is all about perception, right?

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  1. those are some very cool the layering...and yes each piece carries a story...i like that...


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