Monday, May 23, 2011


This is my little buddy, Rudy. For short, we call him "Tude". He really does have an attitude too. As some of you may know who have followed me for awhile, we adopted Rudy on Christmas Eve from a lady name Laura who rescues these cute little things from shelters where they are scheduled to be killed after a short amount of time. She lives all the way down in Southern California but drives a van load of these sweeties up to San Mateo and puts them up for adoption. We are so glad that we found him. He is absolutely the BEST little guy...just ask anyone who has met him!
And this other photo is of our dear Bodhi, a Standard Poodle we adopted from some wonderful breeders who also live in Southern California and met us half way. He, too, is one of the best dogs we have ever had and the two of them love to chase each other around the yard and play just like kids. In this photo he is staring over at the neighbors driveway, waiting for us to return. The photo was taken by my daughter, April, who is on maternity leave right now.
We swear that these two Poodles (well...maybe Rudy is not exactly a Poodle but almost!) are human. Both of them respond to us as though they understand what we are talking about. They hear the drawer that holds their leashes open and start jumping in the air and wiggling around. And if the biscuit tin opens...they are there immediately, waiting for their treats. Rudy constantly needs to be touched. And do I mind? Heck no!

Before we got Rudy I had always said that I wanted a little dog that I could hold on my lap and just love. wish was granted...AGAIN! I seem to be getting everything that I want and need right now. How blessed I am. How lucky I am to have these two wonderful dogs to love me back unconditionally. Kisses anyone?


  1. haha. dogs are like that...they learn human behavior i think...i have seen this in our family dogs...cute are lucky...smiles.

  2. Our pups bring untold joy to our lives, don't they? I cannot imagine life without mine now. Even when he's misbehaving (in human terms) he's the best. They are so smart, and so loving. Your two look like fine companions.

  3. Oh they are so adorable...such beautiful eyes

    your little rescue is so blessed to in a home where he is wanted and loved and has such a cute name
    again, I am so happy for're bursting with joy...such a thing!

  4. I have fallen head over heels in love !!!!

  5. Dogs are like this. They truly are the "heartbeats at our feet" that Edith Wharton wrote about.
    Rudy and Bodhi are beautiful animals and so lucky to be with you.
    Kisses to everyone.....

  6. I used to "poodle sit" for a friend and fell in love with those savvy, lovable dogs. Pets fill up and round out one's life so nicely, don't they?


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