Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I am finally coming up for air! I thought that I had the whole move orchestrated in my mind but when it came to the "actual" move, well, that was another story.

From the outside looking in, it seems like everything happened so quickly and efficiently. Yet, from the inside looking out, quite another story. There are so many layers of emotion that get peeled back and exposed. So many layers of patience that gets tested along the way. And then there is just the physical part of it all: the hours and hours of running on empty trying to get everything loaded on one end and then unloaded on the other. And that does not take into effect the actual putting away part. But, all-in-all, it has been quite a successful move.

This photo is from my office/sewing space looking out the window. I have my computer sitting on my table directly in front of the window so that I can see the beauty that is there while I am on my computer. And the sound? Oh, you should hear all the birds! There are so many different kinds here. Sitting on this front porch, looking down to the meadow below, I can see birds building nests and foraging for food.

This will all take some time to get put into shape. I have been dividing my time (not equally I should say) between the house and the yard. Yesterday I decided that I needed to be outdoors the entire day and so that is what I did. The house can wait. There are so many hidden treasures in this yard from all the previous owners. It is fun finding them hidden behind or under something. Some of them make "the cut" and get to stay in the yard; others get tossed on the pile of stuff that will make its way to the local dump.

Along the way on this new journey I am learning that it is much more important to focus on what is on the inside. Inherently, I already know this but it has taken this move to reinforce this within me. It's not what we have, what we acquire in our lives, that is important. I know, it is fun along the way and sometimes we get caught up in the thrill of it all. But, what it all boils down to is that we arrive with nothing and we leave with nothing. All that other "stuff" is just like packing material for our journey to our next destination. It is up to us to "unpack" all that stuff, cull through what is really important to us and discard the rest, and then begin to really live. Live from the inside looking out. See what is really there...what is really important. And when you decide what that is, savor it as long as you can.

I look back at the time that we spent in our previous home and it was like the blink of an eye. All that time we spent building the house, moving rocks and planting trees and bushes, raising children, spending time with family and friends. All of that is in my memory bank and I can "cash" in on it anytime I want to. What is most amazing to me is that, like I said, it all happened in just a blink of an eye. Wasn't I just 23? Wasn't I filled with energy and lithe young bones that didn't ache or crack? Now...I feel the aches more; my body balks when I try to push it too hard. Thank god for that bottle of Tylenol!

What I have gained (and I knew eventually this would come) is experience. And those experiences have served me well and made me a wiser and better person. This new place is certainly not without its faults either. But, it has good bones and a great location and I think that I have a bit of energy left inside of me. I'm looking out for myself and my family now. I'm looking inside of me and finding that there is so much more in this life for me than I ever thought possible. And I count my blessings for those who have been with me throughout my life and have enriched my life. There are so many hidden treasures that have yet to be discovered and uncovered...not only outside (physically) but inside (emotionally). I'm looking forward to sharing them along the way!

Oh...and did I say anything about the wonders of high speed internet?? Incredible!


  1. ha glad the move is treating you will take time to get everything done for sure...a day outside does not sound bad at all...

  2. oh joy
    I have been wonderng about you
    I think I have one more move in me
    not yet
    I am glad that you have been enjoying your garden space..dreaming and planning
    that's living

  3. Moving makes us ask the question "What do I want to take with me?" and I love how you've answered that question with such wisdom. Beautiful

    My last move lesson: Packing has a deadline, unpacking can take a lifetime.

    Looking forward to seeing what gets created from your beautiful office!

  4. Glad the move is over for you and I too LOVE high speed internet!

  5. It sounds like everything did go with ease...hope your aching bones get a chance to recover this weekend...Happy Mother's Day will be in order I presume. And how nice that you'll be close to the girls. The porch looks perfect. The birds are always welcome...except for today when I was out in the garden under my tree...I got pooped on. In Italy this is a sign of good luck I hear...especially if you've just moved keep an eye out!
    Best wishes in your new home Teri!

  6. Dear Teri,

    I'm totally in step with you here. We lived in our old cottage on an acre of land in Cambria Pines by the Sea for 24 years. I loved every minute of our time there, but in the end, with us being in Maine for so long every year, the big house and yard became too much for me to handle. So, it quickly sold to a man who called us and asked us if we'd ever sell it...we said, "YES!" It happened quickly. I gave so much to the Goodwill and Hospice, and friends, and had a huge garage sale that netted thousands of dollars, which helped out.

    Our move was the hardest job of my life, both emotionally and physically. Two 17 foot and one 21 foot van carried JUST my potted plants. You can see I didn't get rid of any of those.

    So, now we're in a smaller home and though it is in town-we're happy to be here, together, healthy right now, and lighter in possessions.

    I truly enjoyed your post. Chin up girl, you're in for a ride.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  7. I know. I feel like I should be 23, too. Blessings and warm wishes on your new home. xx

  8. Your workspace view is just perfect!! Moving is always a major change ... Right up there with any other kind of change involving relationships. I think we get as attached to our living space as we do to people. A little bit like a breakup .... But it looks like your new home is wonderful!!! Best wishes on the process! Kimmie


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