Sunday, May 29, 2011


This Memorial Weekend has more "memories" for us. Six years ago May 28, our first granddaughter was born. We celebrated her birthday on Saturday with a party. Then, around 1 PM, April and Joel arrived home with our other bundle of joy. Here is a photo of the new family.

And, here, in such a tiny little picture, is our dear sweet Mae Loree. She will always be part of the memories that we have of Memorial Day Weekend too. She seems to be adjusting very well to her new home "outside" of mommy.
Sorry that these photos are so small. My daughter sent them to me and she must have sized them really small. I hope that when this posts that you will be able to click on them and make them a bit bigger.

There is nothing like the birth of a child to really make you take inventory of your life. You think of all the things, past and present, that you want to do, that you need to do, that you hope you pass on, etc. You think of those people who will be in her life and will guide her. You think of those who have passed over and will not meet her in person but they have left her a bit of themselves nonetheless. It's not all about DNA is it! Sometimes special people in our lives do not share any DNA with us yet they have made the greatest impressions on us.

Happy "Birth" Day Mae Loree. May your days be filled with love, may all your friends be true, may you live a long and healthy life, may you always have a road paved with love, light, and hope. You will grow up next to your cousin Natalie, who already loves you so much. She will share her blankets, toys, Princess capes, and everything else she has with you. She is a loving young girl and I know that you will love her as much as we all do. She was worried we would like you more than her. That could never happen. We love you both the same...with ALL OUR HEARTS! You can't get any greater than that.


  1. how lovely ... a wonderful way to mark and keep marking memorial day ... >>Gina

  2. i hope she has a great birthday...she is adorable...with all our hearts...smiles.

  3. So beautiful! The small pictures are just the perfect size for her small beautiful self.

    I love your perspective on a new life - all full of joy and possibilities! How wonderful she has you as part of her beautiful family.

    Happy Memorial Day!

  4. Oh Teri! she is beautiful
    and your buttons are popping so hard
    that I think one hit me all the way here in Illinois
    yeah for motherhood and grandmotherhood

    nothing like a new child in the family

  5. Mae is so lovely....all the memories of Natalie when she was a baby come rushing back when I'm with April and that baby. Joel is such a good daddy as well, it is so wonderful to see it at unfold!

  6. Congratulations Teri! She is one blessed child to have such a incredibly aware and love filled grandmother. The move completed in perfect time!It is amazing that the two cousins have their birthdays so close.

  7. Aww so beautiful...what a lovely loving family.
    Happy Memorial Day.

  8. What a beautiful baby. Yay! Thx for stopping by my blog and you asked who I used for the blog books. I used a blogger recommended site called Blog To Print.

    I'm getting ready to print the half of this year at the end of June. 6 months of posts. Take care and again thx for stopping by.

  9. Oh-oh-oh! Congratulations!! What a beautiful family. Beautiful.


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