Monday, May 16, 2011


Tonight, outside the window in my office/sewing room, a crow has landed in the pine tree, cawing and making so much noise that I cannot miss him. The light is dim, both inside and out, but I have managed to catch a quick photo, although a bit blurry. I'm not sure what he wants to tell me in this brief visit tonight but I'm sure it is a message that I should heed, whatever it is.

Just now, as I look outside the window, the sky is getting grey and I can see the rain beginning to fall again. It is almost 7 PM and still light outside but the grey skies have dampened our spirits a bit here. We had planned on putting our garden in over the weekend, since Mother's Day weekend, our traditional day to plant, was too cold. We postponed it a week and now it looks like it will be another week again before we can put the young plants in the ground. All the hail and snow that we had over the weekend would have ruined the would-be garden anyway. And, our alternate plan (in case all the vegetable plants are someone gone by the time we are able to finally plant) is to just go to the Farmer's Market weekly (or more) and support the local farmers. After all...they work very hard to grow what they do and they should be supported.

Here are the words to a song that I heard in church on Sunday. Beautiful words with beautiful meaning and meant for everyone of you that are reading this. Everyone!

You are the heart,
You are the hands,
You are the voice
Of spirit on earth.
And all you are,
And all you do,
Is a blessing to the world.

Enjoy your week everyone. I'm not sure how much time I will have to post this week as we are at "the count down" to Mae being born. She is due on the 25th but she might be impatient. I hope not. Patience in a virtue or so they say. It's fun having my daughter at home now on maternity leave. We have been doing something together every day for the past couple of weeks and now we can even spend more time with each other. And soon, Mae will be joining us, taking long walks in her stroller. Can there be anything better?


  1. all will be well
    and in due time
    enjoy Mae
    and bless your new home

  2. nice...enjoy the countdown...the 25th is my anniversary! i like going to the farmers market, but i hope you get to plant...

  3. I have no doubt that Mae will make her appearance whenever she gets good and ready! lol Wishing Mae (and her mommy) an easy delivery :)

  4. Great post, Teri. I wonder what Crow wanted to tell you.....? Something special, I'm sure.

  5. What a beautiful post and a beautiful countdown! Enjoy this pre-Mae time and best wishes for warm skies and happy long walks after her arrival!

  6. You sound so happy about this expected arrival. I'm so happy for you. A poem....called "Mae in May"

    Outside,the weather
    makes us weary
    with all its
    wind and rainy ways...

    Outside,the end of spring
    comes slowly
    seems relentless,
    in these last
    remaining days.

    Inside of months
    and finishing touches,
    someone small
    prepares for life.
    Mae waits, silently,
    for her first act.

  7. We are kindred spirits, my friend.


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