Friday, May 27, 2011


This is my Mom, holding her newest great granddaughter, Mae. Mae was born on May 26 at 6:09 AM. What a joy to behold this new life in our midst. How blessed we are with this gift of life.

One-day old tender, so new, that have not touched the earth yet.

"The language of mother and child begins in the body...Through the press of my arms, the weight of my breast at her mouth, my brown eyes holding hers, she knows me best. And I swear that I would find her with my eyes closed from the spiced grass scent of her neck or a stroke along the high arches of her feet. When I nurse her, she folds her body into mine, one foot flung high against my breastbone as my hand traces the small, round bones of her spine. It is almost as if I am still pregnant with her---our physical fusion is once again that complete."

Suzanne Siteman Phillips--------From the book: Mother Earth--Through the eyes of women photographers and writers. A Sierra Club Book.

I am so happy to share our new life with those of you who read my blog. I receive many wonderful comments from people around the world and this thrills me greatly. I have made many "friends" here in the blog world and I am happy to share what goes on in my life with those of you who care.

There are some people who read it, however, that do not wish to remain friends and this intrigues me. Why do you bother? Is is just mere curiosity that keeps you coming back or do I sense the word "care"? If "care" is not in your vocabulary then I kindly request that you leave peacefully and do not bother me any longer. I hope that you noticed that I said "kindly request". I do not wish to be rude. I just don't understand. You can't have it both ways. You really can't.


  1. awww. adorable. congrats.


  2. Congratulations to you and your family Teri...what a wonderful little bundle of joy. She's absolutely beautiful! And perfect! I have been on a blog posting break @ maggie's garden...working diligently around the house doing repairs and painting, and have been absent from the scene. I had such a feeling about Mae being born, and thought of a pop in. Actually I saw it first on your daughter's blog. Somehow I knew Mae was here. I'm wishing you special moments with your new bundle of joy. Sending you all lots of love and hugs. Looking forward to more pictures...BTW...your mom looks great holding the new baby. I'm sure Natalie is happy with her special birthday gift too!
    Happy Birthday Natalie! xo

  3. Congratulations Teri and family! Lovely!

  4. teri, the word that comes to mind as i read your latest posts is "abundance". abundant abundance!! and now mae!!

    shine on, sweet one...



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