Thursday, May 19, 2011


The other day while looking at some of my fellow bloggers, I read Helen's post about sleeping porches. Here is a photo that she posted among many others. Go there and look at the inspiration she has put up on her blog. You will be transported, believe me! I commented on her blog regarding how I have always wanted a sleeping porch too.

We had huge decks at our previous home and one of my dreams for that house was to have a screen-in porch where I could enjoy the cool evenings and not be attacked by the mosquitoes.

I also had fond memories of sleeping out on my grandparent's porch in the summer months. They lived at an elevation that was warm during the day but when night fell, it got really cool. My grandmother had an iron bed out on the screened-in porch that was piled high with warm quilts and once you climbed inside, you were unable to move (or maybe did not want to) because of the warmth and weight of the quilts. Those memories have always been with me and today, in my new house, I finally have a screened-in porch complete with an iron bed. It just got installed yesterday and is waiting the mattress and the coverings.

Here is the entrance to the screened-in portion of the deck. You can see some wicker furniture in the foreground and the iron bed in the background.

A closer view of the furniture waiting for all the stuff that will make it a cozy place to spend summer nights. I can hardly wait! Even just taking a nap there during the day or reading a book sounds so wonderful.

Here's a view of the other side of the deck with our Adirondack chairs. This portion is not screened-in but it is covered and also a wonderful place to sit in the morning sun with a cup of coffee or in the afternoon with lunch. I watch the world go by from this deck.

Dreams really do come true. They may take years to materialize but if you hold them close, re-visit them from time-to-time and keep visualizing them, they will make themselves known to you in the end. Keep dreaming! And thanks, Helen, for reminding me about this. The bed was in the storage unit and was planned to be set up here but I had forgotten about it while it was tucked in the back of the unit. Nice to have "old friends" back again.


  1. Oh Teri, I want to move in and sleep out on your porch. J and I rented a little 3-season cottage in the hills for a couple of years (of course we lived in it all year round) and we set up our futon on the screen porch. It overlooked the cow field and woods across the street and we slept out there through two winters, sometimes waking up (in our sub-zero rated sleeping bags) with frost around our faces from our breath. We'd also bring big steaming mugs of chai out there after our many cross-country ski trips, and watch the sunset while we sat on the futon and sipped chai...definitely some of my fondest memories...

  2. that would be way cool to have a bed on the porch...usually just use the sleeping bag but that would be like riding in style...smiles.

  3. oh boy what fun
    I love it
    oh lucky you
    a dream come true
    thanks Helen for reminding Teri
    You sound so completely happy
    I could cry....but you were the one who kept your dreams alive and followed your heart
    blessings to you and your precious family

  4. Wow! I read your post today with sun shining, windows open and birds chirping! Perfect background. I am thrilled to have inspired you. This porch of yours is going to be spectacular!!!! I love what you are planning. Can't wait to see it all finished up! NOW, I am doubly inspired.

  5. That will be a great place in the summer. It looks as though you still have the countryside around you at your new house.

  6. Charming, just charming. I have always wanted a sleeping porch. I think I could add one here but it would have to be a special addition to our house. Oh, I would love this. I'd sleep in it all summer.
    Thanks for this post. Love that iron bed.

  7. It is so fun to see photos! A screened in porch and a bed on it are my idea of Divine. I would be out there every night in the summer!

  8. wow, teri... this is soooo nice!!! xoxo


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