Sunday, June 26, 2011

GET RAD 2 unofficial trailer

This is my cousin's new surfing video that will be released this summer sometime. He lives in Santa Cruz, California and is becoming quite the avid surfer/producer. Congratulations Kyle!


  1. Rad! Oh to be young and look good in a bikini again. Congrats to Kyle!

  2. Wow, your cousin is AMAZING! Congratulations!

    Paula Teplitz, who I mention in the video, made that bowl too. I love her work. She is available through the Chambers Gallery in Cambria.

    Joys to you and I am so happy you liked the peek.


  3. Very cool! Love how talented the young kids are today...doing what they love with total passion. It shows even in 35 seconds of a trailer how fun this film will be.

  4. nice! this is so cool...will show my youngest when he wakes up in the morning..he will love it...they got some great footage!

  5. Oh, Santa Cruz. I have such good memories there.
    What a beautiful place to set a movie in. I think Kyle will be a famous surfer/producer dude someday.

  6. just showed this to my youngest...he was mad impressed...smiles.


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