Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Don't these words, forwarded to me yesterday by my daughter April from a friend's Facebook page, say it all? I have recently just started to understand the true impact of these words. "Meaningful to them"----"Release"-----"Free yourself"-----"Meaningful to you". These words ring so true to me at this time in my life. So powerful.

This past weekend was such a busy, busy weekend. There was a huge BBQ at my sister's on Saturday, filled with family, friends, and fire department personnel, some that I have never met. We got to meet and talk with the couple who purchased our home, since they live right next door to my sister and were invited to be part of the party. There is just something so warm and inviting about the two of them. Kindred spirits to be sure.

We were asked to walk around "our" house and explain the names of plants to them and then also to take a tour of the house. They say that you can't go back but for me, it was all of the above quotes. It was a time to realize that I had to release my old house, free myself and realize what is meaningful to them and what is meaningful to me. It was a good opportunity to put these words into practice. I know that I have made two new friends in them in the process and appreciate so very much how much they love our house and the spirit that it was built by and lived.

The above photos are of two necklaces. The first one, the most important one, was hand-made by my friend Arlene for my birthday in April. It came complete with a list of gemstones and their meanings. A lot of thought went into making that necklace for me. There are stones that represent "what is meaningful to me" as well as a cluster of hearts for the obvious reasons.

I have posted about Arlene before on my blog. Saturday night she celebrated her 60th birthday (her birthday was on June 26th) at P.F. Chang's with about 12 other people, mostly family but a few of her friends were invited too. B and I felt very honored to be included in that group on Saturday night and we wouldn't have missed it for the world. Her daughter, Christie, put the entire evening together with the help of her dad, as a surprise. And Arlene was surprised to be sure. She did very well blowing out candles and opening up presents in a crowded restaurant. I'm not sure I could have done that without feeling like I was the center of attention.

The second photograph is a picture of the necklace that I purchased for Arlene for her birthday. I didn't make it but I bought it at a store, newly opened in Auburn, that focuses on purchasing items that have soul. The name of the store is aptly called "Karma". I felt good about purchasing this piece for her because of that. It was "meaningful to me" and hopefully "meaningful to her".

Summertime brings with it lots of opportunities to spend time doing things with people. In the winter we tend to cluster inside and draw inward. Summer seems to be just the opposite allowing each of us the opportunity to "spread our wings". I love that phrase. It speaks to the part of the above quote to me; the part that says: "free yourself to create". Yes indeed. And fly to the stars and beyond!!!


  1. This is so nice. I have recently had an opportunity to put that quote into practice, as well. Letting friends go to be who they really are and to answer their own call is not always easy, but it is essential. Thank you for this post.

  2. smiles. love the quote...and spending time with good friends and loved ones...arlene sounds like a special friend...both necklaces look very nice...and happy birthday to her.

  3. Hi Teri, Yes I know where Greenwood is..I currently live in Colusa the other side of the Sutter Buttes...you are of of 49 right? I was acting Post Master in Coloma for awhile...have live and traveled most of the area...thanks for stopping in...bkm

  4. Amazing qoute and photos. Thank you for passing it on.

  5. Greetings dear Terri,

    I love the quote and truly one has to read it a couple of times to understand its full impact. The words can have different meaning to others and be applied to other situations as well. I will need to contemplate a little more.

    The necklace is beautiful and I am sure Arlene will love it, besides it was carefully selected with love.

    Wishing you all the best,

  6. This is a wonderful sentiment Teri. I'm in the midst of trying to free myself at the moment - I have definitely found something amazingly meaningful!

  7. This is an amazing quote. Love both of the necklaces...and the lovely meaning in the giving of them. Beautiful treasures.


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