Monday, October 24, 2011


Saturday afternoon the weather was so glorious that it just couldn't be wasted sitting inside cleaning or even doing yard work. Saturday was an exploration day to Nevada City with my daughters and granddaughters. It was a glorious, warm day filled with the spirit of the season. Every window was decorated for Halloween and we had a great time checking them all out as we walked along the streets.You can see by the photo below that the colors are just beginning to start to change here in the Foothills. I have read many blogs where the color has already come and gone, being washed off the trees by wind and rain in many locations. Not so here. And it made for a wonderful day.

There isn't anything like being with people that you love. I have to admit that I was licking my wounds on Saturday so it felt nice to be bathed in the warm sunlight and the glow of love from my girls...all four of them! LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. And that's all each of us needs.


  1. You helped me to remember Nevada City with a loved one from a few years back. It's a very fun little town to visit and we found a lovely place to eat at without outdoor seating.

  2. I'm glad to be able to revisit the colors through your images. Mine are gone. It sounds like you had a good day. That header image is certainly a colorful and lively look at fall.

  3. is it...and sounds like you had a beautiful day...worked all day saturday...but went to the pumpkin patch sunday and had a blast with the fam...

  4. Love your header and the photos of those beautiful, soft autumn colours. I agree, love is all there is!


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