Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Last weekend I drove B to meet some of his ham radio friends. Most of them know each other by their call signs and I suppose, by the way that their voices sound. So, it was an opportunity to meet some of them face-to-face last Saturday at a small town called West Point where they held their annual Lumber Jack Days. You might remember I went there last year with my daughter April who was pregnant with Mae at the time and a friend from work named Rene. I never thought that I would go back again because, frankly, once seemed quite enough for me. But B wanted to meet his radio friends, especially an 83 year old man and his wife who drove all the way from Washington state for the day.

Not wanting to stay for the parade and all the crowds, I opted to drive back to Sutter Creek and do some looking around. And also a bit of shopping. I found some really great stuff to photograph there and I will try and post most of it a bit at a time this week. Watching the baby each day doesn't leave me much free time in the evening but I don't want to miss an opportunity to enjoy my creative time each day either. Like my son-in-law said today: "It can only get better the older she gets." How true!!

These heads were just sitting on the corner in a flower bed. There wasn't a sign saying who had made them or when but I found them interesting. So many great things to see and photograph around every corner. I suppose that is probably true for any town you actually get out and walk around. Most of us don't take the time to do that. We just drive, shop, and go home. I hope you enjoy seeing Sutter Creek through my eyes (and lens) in the next couple of days. Enjoy!


  1. those are some really cool sculptures...love exploring little towns...there are plenty of need nooks and crannies to stick your nose or lens into if we take that time...for sure...

  2. oh those are fabulous...would love to have them in MY garden....thanks for sharing them...good eye
    ...uma is almost home!

  3. These look so very familiar to me. There was a lot of this kind of stuff done in the late 60's and my mother and my sister had a couple of things just like these. They are beautiful! I would so much love to have one. Oh well...

  4. The Man who did these faces was an artist in Sutter Creek. His studio was at the end of Eureka St. I have a few of his pieces and a hanging planter that my boys bought me from this guy's place.
    I was just talking to someone last week about him. She lives in Sutter Creek. She saw my faces in the garden and told me that he is gone... doesn't have the house or studio there anymore.
    He was kind of a wanderer, as I recall, and he had a Harley which he drove around the area. He told me that each of the faces were girlfriends and people he knew.
    If I find out any information about him I will let you know. Maybe he just moved to another location.

  5. These are so beautiful and expressive - and the story about who created them from Farmlady, above, is quite intriguing!


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