Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Around the corner from the faces I found this General Store Museum. It wasn't open but I managed to take a few photos from the outside.

Most of these items are things that I wouldn't mind owning for my own collections. In fact, I have some of them already. Why is it that things from another era are so appealing visually? Is it that they remind us of something we used to know or is it that they remind us of something we no longer have? Things seemed somewhat simpler in those days although I'm sure when something new came on the market then (as now) people were clamoring to attain it.

Life is a funny thing: if we look back at the way things were, sometimes they seemed more simple but in reality, I would imagine things were much more complicated and labor-intensive. In this day and age we have all the things available to us to make our lives much more simple yet in some ways things seem much more complicated. I guess the key is to enjoy what you have in the moment and take the time to appreciate them. It's not always easy to do that.


  1. very cool...found a similar general storeout by one of the kids i work with...was fascinating to stop in there and def will be stopping again frequently...

    and appreciating themoment is always best...

  2. I think part of the reason we enjoy vintage things is how they remind us of our grandparents. Life was indeed so very much more simple then and I think perhaps better over all. I know my grandmother had an extremely difficult time during the depression but after the 40's things were good for them and not so labor intensive. The store is great!

    Also, everything wasn't made in China.

  3. Hey, you're in my neck of the woods. Very close.
    Isn't this an interesting store. I use to work at the Sutter Creek Inn many years ago and I would walk by this store sometimes. What struck me the most was the lack of artificial packaging. NO PLASTIC! Things were wrapped in paper and made out of natural fibers. Glass containers were used for liquids.
    It was a different world.
    Makes me feel good when I look inside that store. It's a window into the past... a window of beauty.

  4. omg - that's just like my grandparents general store! (cobargo, nsw australia - 1939-1979) oooo welling with misty-eyed tears of nostalgia right now....


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