Monday, January 30, 2012


Years ago, my friend Mary (who passed away December 15, 2011) gave me this sand painting. It most likely came from her Aunt's shop, "Bill's Trading Post" in Berkeley, California. Mary purchased lots of gifts for me from that shop throughout the years which I still have and cherish.

I never knew how important this gift would be until I found it in a stack of pictures and paintings when we moved. I had them all in a pile so that I could re-hang the things that were important to me in our new house. This gift has a 3 X 5 card taped to the back that says this: "Healing Bird...they are used for treatment of all illnesses by the medicine men. This painting is made from natural color of sand and rock." It is signed but I cannot read it, unfortunately. Maybe it was signed by the medicine man himself since doctors are known for their sloppy signatures when they write prescriptions!

Anyway, what comes to mind for me is that since I heard of Mary's passing on December 15th, I had hoped that the gift her death would bring would be the healing of relationships. I cannot speak for others but for myself, I am feeling the healing that I am speaking about. And perhaps it is because I am reading "Awakening Joy" right now which is so apropos. Or perhaps it is because I have learned that I cannot fix other people, only myself. And by seeing Mary's Healing Bird appear at a time that I most needed it, I think that she always knew I would need this at some point in my life since it is "used for treatment of all illnesses".

I watched a video yesterday on YouTube that really hit home for me. Perhaps it will make an impression on some of you too.  Our lives are what we make of them and there is always someone out there who has it worse than we do. I appreciate my life because I know that in an instant it can be over. I want no regrets, only healing. Thanks for the prescription Mary! I will use it wisely!


  1. nice...that is a very cool pic and i am glad that even in her passing that you can find that relational healing..will check out the vid...

  2. Nick is an inspiration to us all.... and Your friend Mary reminds you that you have so much to give uniquely yours. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    1. I watched the video. There are some people in this world that inspire beyond belief. Nick Vujicic is one of them. I'm overwhelmed with his amazing perspective on life.
      Healing comes in many ways.
      The sand painting is doing it's magic.
      This is a wonderful post.
      Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the link. So true that we need to pause and appreciate our circumstances.

  4. I loved this piece of art in the house growing up. It had good energy, and either didn't know where you got it, or just forgot. In any case, it DEFINITELY was meant for you to find at this point in your life. You've had far too much hurt from what you thought were old friends, that you needed this healing bird. And to think you like crows, another bird. Love, me.

  5. Treatments of the heart soul and spirit - those are precious indeed. Always a comfort. Big hugs to you, friend :)


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