Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scary! Filmed today 1/20/2012 in Watsonville, CA South of Santa Cruz goi...

My friend, Anthony Gill, posted this on his Facebook account. I just had to share it and wonder about it. Any ideas? I know that south of Santa Cruz is Camp Pendleton. Do these tanks look new? Used? And how many of them are there?? Makes me wonder why, where, how come, etc. Thanks Anthony, for always being at the forefront of stuff like this.


  1. Hi dear Teri,

    I will check out the site you so graciously shared with me. Can't be grateful enough, can we?

    Sending warm thoughts to you,


  2. Oh my God, this scares the crap out of me. What a nightmare. Let's hope these are tanks that were shipped back from the Middle East. Is that possible?

  3. it is election time...just saying...

  4. Wow. That is scary. I just posted it on FB. Is it possible that they are what is returning from Iraq? Is that a dumb question? don't answer that. :) It really raised my hackles....

  5. I bet these are returning vehicles
    what a sight to have seen firsthand

  6. Totally overwhelming!!! and scary!
    Pray for peace. Mary Helen

  7. Mom -
    a high school friend who was in the military said that they are headed to the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, CA. He said it happens all the time.


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