Sunday, January 8, 2012


(As quoted from a great new book I am reading:) "AWAKENING JOY" by James Baraz and Shoshana Alexander

"Our child presents us with a drawing for our birthday, our partner prepares a delicious meal, we wake up in the morning to find the first snowfall of the season has transformed the world."

" Too often we can barely pause to notice, because we've got to get to our next appointment, check our email, finish a project. Such "matters of consequence" can distract us from recognizing the blessings that life is offering us over and over each day."
"There's magic all around us if we just take the time to notice. With mindful presence we activate the natural curiosity we all came into the world with as innocent children."
 "Look closely at the mystery of a spider web. Or stop to think for a moment how amazing it is that you can read the word "blue" and see a color in your mind, or hear the word "pizza" and taste a slice.
"When we are mindful, even the most ordinary experiences become wondrous".


  1. nice...these are some great that last one in particular....happy monday to you!

  2. ah that's how I live
    wouldn't have it any other way
    your baby granddaughter is so pretty
    love her high chair

  3. Very good reminder. Nice blog entry for the start of the week :)

  4. Hungry child! Her bowl tastes good :D

    Love to you!


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