Saturday, January 14, 2012


I don't claim to be that knowledgeable about certain things, despite what some people think about me. I pride myself in wanting to learn new and challenging things and if they fit, apply them to my own life. And once I know something to be true, I remember it and try and keep it in mind because the way I figure: if I am just now seeing (or learning) something, it must be very important and I should take heed.

Awhile back, Teresa Evangeline wrote a post entitled "Happiness comes in bursts" and she said the following: "Have you ever had a moment when everything feels right and good, a feeling washes over you or bursts in through an open door somewhere inside you and tells you everything has fallen into place? I call them bursts of happiness..."

This brings me to the book I am currently reading "Awakening Joy". If you have read a few posts prior to this one, you know of which book I am speaking. It's funny how there is a synchronicity to life and how things seem to come to the surface that are similar; sort of like buying a new red car and then suddenly seeing that same make, model and color appear on the roadway, as if for the first time. So it is with this topic that Teresa speaks about.

James Baraz refers to this very same topic in a section called: "Bringing the World Alive". He says that "When  you slow down and pay careful attention to what is happening inside you and around you, a new world opens up. Everything comes alive. In fact, you may notice that surges of joy arise in you spontaneously, even when nothing special is happening, and even in the midst of difficult times."

I must be on the right track (or reading the right authors) to have two separate people say exactly the same things only in different ways. "A new world is opening up". "Everything comes alive". And those surges (bursts) of joy (happiness)? I am noticing them more and more, even in the midst of difficult times. I lost a long-time friend from high school in December of last year, just a bit shy of a month ago, and despite the loss, I am finding things in life to be joyful about. I am trying to keep it in mind. And to quote the book: "With mindfulness we can appreciate that every moment of life, whatever our experience, is precious. When we live in this way, a certain kind of vitality comes into our lives."


  1. most def...and there is a new life bursting forth even among the hard things we find ourselves in...we just have to notice...

  2. Brian---you are so right! Noticing is the important thing I think but being aware of these opportunities...that is where the noticing starts and then proceeds to unfold. At least this is my understanding and point of view. We are never to old to learn new things. Thank goodness!

  3. See ....and see again and again. Thank you, Mary Helen

    1. I love these synchronicities, and they do seem to happen more frequently once we start paying attention. I noticed today that three different bloggers wrote about dreams, and three others wrote about hearing the sound of the distance beating of drums. My antennae go up when that happens. I'm glad I was recently a part of your own experience with this.

      The Baraz book sounds interesting.

  4. ah those bursts, i know that exactly! sometimes it's just walking down the street and feeling the sun on my face in such a way that i realize i'm smiling. those moments are why dealing with pain is worthwhile just to have more of those bursts :)


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