Thursday, January 28, 2010


Do you ever find something in your yard and wonder what you could do with it? I found this great piece of bark, all curled up as though the branch had just ejected itself from the inside. I looked at it and it had this empty spot, as if it were a mouth waiting to say something. I had to do something with this piece of bark and this is what the end product was. It's a collage of items that I felt went together. Hard to say really, what it actually MEANS, but to me, it speaks of ocean, of shark (teeth), of rainfall, of water, and of course, that crow: the one that follows me everywhere I go.

This was a photo of my family and myself from years before. I was unaware of the crow back then. Funny how he made himself noticeable even then. It took me until now to see it though. Sometimes, it takes years to see what is right under your nose. I guess I wasn't ready then but I am now.


  1. I'm always dragging in chunks of wood, fossils and stones. You've done something creative and lovely with yours!

  2. We can hear or see something over and over but until we are 'ready' to own it or encompass it-- only time can tell-- seeing the same thing with new eyes-- eyes being wisdom or experience.


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