Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today I am following Melanie's lead and posting a Six Senses Sunday on my blog. I just felt I needed to explore these senses more and get in touch with them. Thanks, Melanie, for making me aware of them and for piquing my interest in how they can be explored and understood.

  • Old photos of my twins from 1982. It brought back so many memories to me this afternoon.
  • The snow still piled up on the deck and under the trees from the most recent storm.
  • A red hawk sitting on the phone lines in the pouring rain, feathers all full and fluffy.
  • The paint drying on my latest bag project. (See below)
  • The sound of my son-in-law talking to himself when he thought that no one was listening.
  • The sound of the espresso machine at Starbuck's making foam for my mocha.
  • The voice of a friend from 1972 that I recently found on Facebook and haven't talked to in all that time.
  • The details of his life and where he lives now in Tennessee.
  • The scent of the grass at the golf course as my daughters and I walked in the rain today. It smelled vaguely like watermelon. I know: odd but true.
  • The smell of my mocha being made at Starbuck's. Love that warm coffee smell.
  • My daughter's freshly washed and groomed Pomeranian, Bear. Yummy dog fur with a scent of strawberries or something fruity.
  • Grilled cheese being made by my son-in-law. Toasty, warm goodness. That and some alcoholic beverage that required fresh-squeezed limes! Yummy!
  • The taste of my Honey flavored, all natural, Greek Yogurt with crunchy almonds and dried cranberries stirred in. How delicious!
  • Oatmeal cookies dunked in my coffee.
  • My Smart Dogs. I like them but no one else does. I guess it's "cook-you-own-dinner" night!
  • The sadness of seeing the photo of a friend's child from 1982 and realizing that we will never see each other again or share wonderful memories like the one I see in the photo below. This child STILL loves her cats. I wonder if she still has her face painted occasionally. She definitely was "the star" that day (as evidenced by her face!). She is all grown up now and will be married this year sometime. I wish her nothing but happiness in her new life.
  • The warmth of the wood fire when I returned home. There is nothing like the way that a wood fire goes deep to your bones. No heat I have ever experienced feels as good as wood heat does.
  • My husband's warm hug when I returned home from my walk. Nothing like the hug from someone you love.

  • The fabric of this new painted bag after it has dried.
  • The fabric of soft cotton waiting to be painted.
  • The fur of my poodle, Bodhi. So soft, so curly, so thick and warm.
  • My husband, warm and cozy in his Sunday lounging clothes. A day of football and he is ultra-relaxed.


  1. great list of the senses-- and great photos to go with them-- I can recommend a wonderful book A NATURAL HISTORY OF THE SENSES by Diane Ackerman-- a must read for artists

  2. lovelovelove your list teri. i would write more but i'm still sideways in bed and pecking w/ one finger...

  3. This was lovely. The beauty of simple things.


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