Monday, April 26, 2010


Playing at the beach never gets old, no matter how old you are. Here, my twins and my granddaughter are doing just that.

This beach was loaded with driftwood and some clever people have built all these shelters out of the wood that is washed ashore. Here you see one of them far away.

And, here is a close-up of that very structure. You could actually sit inside one of these if you wanted to. I personally, would not. They didn't seem that structurally sound. When I was a kid it wouldn't have bothered me one bit! Funny how the older we get the less brave we become. be a child once again.


  1. The first a lovely, happy pic! The beach shelter; I can imagine the fun they had creating that!

  2. Thank you for the photos Teri. I miss the beach so. Those are some long legged daughters you have.

  3. ah beach fun!
    love the energy you captured.
    those structures are great.


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