Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This is how I have been spending my lunch (half) hour this week. It has been pouring all week with some record lows for this time of the month. Snow has been falling down to the 4,000 foot level, we have had everything from rain, hail and lots of wind. The sky (to me) looked as if we were going to have a tornado.

The view of the park where I spend my lunch (half) hour usually is devoid of cars this week. I have just been sitting in the truck eating my lunch and doing paperwork. Not such a bad way to spend a lunch really: alone, quiet (except for the sound of the wind and rain), warm and comfy.

On another note, I have been meaning to post a photo of this incredible painting I purchased from Mary Buek of "What if I...". She had posted this awhile back and I was lucky enough to be the first to offer to purchase it. I love it sitting in my kitchen. It makes the corner cheery and bright with all the great colors she has used. One of these days it is going to be very valuable, I can just tell. Have you all seen the latest photos she has been posting? They are just incredible!

And last (but certainly not least) a photo of the windowsill over my kitchen sink. The most recent item on the windowsill is this wonderful hand blown glass decanter than my great friends Frank and Kathy gave to me this week for my 60th birthday. Kathy...if you are reading this: thanks SO very much for thinking of me on this momentous day. You know how I love red, you know how I love "artsy" things, you know ME! (And you still LIKE me!) I love you (and my buddy Frank) and especially Winston. I know he helped you pick this out, didn't he!!! Maybe I'll fill it up with some wine and invite you over to help me "test" it out, OK?


  1. that is a marvelous painting...and a very nice decanter...such colors...hope the weather clears...smiles.

  2. That painting is gorgeous, definitely. Heading over there right now to have look...

    What rain you're having! We had snow yesterday too, but today is sunny and windy and beautiful.

  3. weatherwise - do you live in Seattle? :-)
    sounds like our weather. and lucky you to get Mary's painting-- and like me you are now 60-happy birthday!

  4. teri, i love your painting and your new decanter - such wonderful colors, especially in the midst of all this snow and rain we've been having! i took a picture a little while ago of april snow shower # 576. : ) xo

  5. Such a pretty vase...and wonderful friends. Glad your week is going well. The weather seems a bit out of season. But We all know April showers....brings May flowers.
    Hope your Friday ends on a good note as well. xo

  6. your rainy lunch half hour sounds nice.
    i love your art piece! And the window sill with the orange birthday decanter. I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I'm so self absorbed! thanks for always coming to see me anyway and your helpful sweet, wise comments.
    Happy new decade!!!


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