Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Just north of where we stayed we drove to the town of Greenwood. This area is very historical and most of the buildings in town are quite old.

The view from the Bed and Breakfast in Greenwood.

This wonderful dragon sits on the top of a fence that overlooks the ocean. There are actually two of them at the same location.

Inside the garden shop there were wonderful items from different parts of the world. These wonderful masks caught my eye. Wish I would have had an extra $150 to purchase them.

And this warrior, kneeling on one leg was quite spectacular. I love seeing unusual things in stores. I am not one to look at the "regular" things that stores offer unless they themselves are unique. I like to see things that I have never seen before...to take a journey vicariously through someone Else's eyes. When I see unusual items it makes me think of the person who created them. It makes me wonder who they are, where they live, what their influences are, and what their sensibilities are. Each person has their own unique story and that is what interests me the most. My mother used to call me "nosy". I think I am just curious. It sounds so much more positive and creative.


  1. Happy Birthday and happy travels...sightseeing and all other fun explorations!

  2. I'm always drawn to the unusual, too.

  3. I love wandering around in interesting spaces. I think about the craftsman or woman as well.

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog today!

  4. You are full of wonder, like a child. More of us need to be that way. I too love looking in unique shops and seeing something brand new to my eyes, and thinking about how it all came to be. Nosy? No, just full of wonder.

  5. oh wow. these are really cool. the warrior strikes me though...really like that. very cool pics. sounds like a fun place.

    following now...sorry, thought i was before...


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