Wednesday, April 7, 2010



I think of Reality TV when I see this "chick". She makes me laugh with her high-styled hair-do, much like how I laugh when I watch Shear Genius and see the crazy hair styles produced by some of the contestants there. I also have caught a few episodes of Project Runway and could she the "chick" strutting her stuff on the runway after being styled by one of the contestants.

I caught a special the other night about Christian Siriano. I don't know how many of you ever watched Project Runway but Christian, who is only 24, was the season four winner and also the youngest winner. Oprah calls his designs "works of art". Tim Gunn says that he is "a prodigy" and "the next great American fashion designer". He shows a full collection every season as part of New York Fashion Week (hello The Real Wives of New York City, another favorite reality show of mine). He has celebrity clients that include Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham, Tori Spelling, and Whoopi Goldberg just to name a few.

So, don't be "chicken". Strut your stuff. Be unique. Wear crazy clothes. Don't follow what everyone else is doing. Anyone can be a carbon copy. Develop your own style and stick with it. There is something to be said of people who aren't afraid of following their heart. Look at the chicken above: she is bearded and buff and wears lace! She may not be like every other chicken but her breed has been a long-time favorite for exhibition and was admitted to the Standard of Perfection! She's not your standard barn-yard variety. She's Continental!


  1. What a beauty!
    And I love your new header. I have those same flowers planted along the edges of our field and scattered in some of the garden beds. Of course they're not blooming yet, but they're poking up...

  2. lovely commentary, great metaphor and fabulous accompanying picture ! nice one >> Gina


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