Friday, April 2, 2010


While checking my bug traps this week, a vintner was kind enough to plant pea vines as a nitrogen fixative for his soil. And, lucky me, I got to traipse right through these wonderful pea vines this week.

Yesterday was a very long and sad day and I am still trying to recuperate today but it is raining and a bit windy all day so it makes it hard to jump right back into things. I've found that it is best for me to just give in to what my mind and body are telling me to do when there are emotional things happening. Why try and pretend that you aren't sad when you are? Why try and force yourself to just go on as if there were no reason for pause, no reason for reflection? Life is just that: a chance to reflect on what has happened and understand how it has changed your outlook at the present time.

In the mean time I will pause and reflect on the beauty of this pea vine and ponder the good that it is doing for the soil. It will enrich the soil when it is tilled under, the grape vines will get vital nutrients and thrive, and some day in the future I will be able to enjoy a nice glass of wine from this vineyard. The circle of life continues. To be continued.


  1. Teri

    You sweet peas are lovely,
    Change means the loss of one set of circumstances and the gain of another just like your sweet peas for the promise of the grape vines, One cannot embrace change unless one first embraces loss...Sadness will soon be replaced with joy --
    Happy Easter Season time of all new beginnings,

  2. When everything is coming your way, you are in the wrong lane. ....................................................

  3. The pea vines are pretty. I also see some yellow in there with it...might this be garlic mustard plant? It is a weed that is taking over here and has to be controlled with things I don't care to use.
    Sorry you're feeling a bit sad. :(
    For me...I like to embrace's okay... sadness for a time. Again for me...sadness it seems is something most people try so hard to ignore, we all have to be in our happy place all the time...why? Having feelings of sadness takes me within myself to deal with stuff that comes up. Afterward the world seems much... much brighter. I'm not sure I would notice its brightness if I hadn't just stepped out of a shadow.
    My kids especially want me to have my best smile on everyday...good grief if I don't have that happy thing going. Such pressure!
    Have your moment...I'll be standing by you in spirit...pulling you into the light with good intention...when you're ready.
    karen xoxo


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