Sunday, April 18, 2010


Before we left for the coast on Friday morning, I sent out a request for some positive healing thoughts from all of you. We were at a location that did not have cell service or internet and I could not check in to see how Janet was doing. My last thoughts of her were grim and people were coming down from more than 8 hours away to see her this weekend; it did not look good.

Today, however, when we arrived home last this afternoon, I logged in to Caring Bridge (a website the family set up) and SHE CAME HOME! Now, see why I believe in the power of thought (prayer, healing thoughts, loving kindness, whatever you want to call it?) IT WORKS!

I want to thank you all for your loving comments for Janet AND for me. We had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of art, lots of sight-seeing, lots of beach and sun, and most of all: family! Yes, family is so important! You can always count on your family to make you feel better, to support you when times are bad, to make you laugh and give you upcoming good news, and generally just give you love. All you need is love, right? The Beatles had it right then and they still have it right.

I found it amazing that the entire weekend, around every turn, I was finding these incredible statues. They were up against buildings. They were hidden in private gardens waiting to be found. They were in windows at the far end of a store just waiting for me. When you open your eyes you begin to see. Oh Buddha of compassion.

I have many more pictures I want to share with you all from the weekend and will do so in the next day or two. Until then, I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart for your help with bringing Janet home to heal (she is seeking help from a holistic doctor now too) and also for all your good wishes for my BIG birthday. It was monumental and I couldn't help but think that I was indeed meant to be right there at the ocean. The air was fresh and clean, the sky was a beautiful blue, and we saw some incredible sunsets and also a gorgeous moon last night. The moon was up there in the sky right over our deck, Venus (my planet) was located right below, and the horizon was not far from both. At some point late at night I woke up and glanced out the window just to observe the sliver of the moon (which was by then tinted orange) dip below the horizon. It was incredible.

Not only does my birthday fall on the cusp but my life is following suit also. I am on the cusp of something wonderful. It is just on the other side of my "horizon".


  1. Teri...what a wonderful day and evening you described! Blessed are those who ask
    Such nice photos too
    Safe return good does that sound?

  2. so lovely to hear all is well - may it continue! love the budhas and your catching the sliver of the moon - i noticed it late last night too - it was white here, not orange - perhaps it picked up a bit of my sun before it headed out your way? :)

  3. So glad Janet is on the mend. This is great news!
    And Happy Birthday to you Teri! Can't wait to see the photos of your trip. I love the header picture...beautiful.
    I've been on a bit of blog break and have missed my friends...good to be back. See you soon. xxoo


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