Monday, June 7, 2010


How many of you remember your first two-wheeler? Did it have training wheels? And what about those fancy streamers? Did you have those too?

Mine was a Schwinn, just like the one Natalie is riding, but mine was in no way that fancy. This one is multi-colored, has streamers that are multi-colored, and training wheels. I never had training wheels. Or a helmet. It's a wonder, living on a steep hill like I did, that I never killed myself by cracking open my head. I do remember the first day that I learned to ride...I mean actually ride that bike. I wish I still had it. It was a classic. Maybe that is why I hung on to everything my daughters ever had. I realize the value (fifty-five years later) of what a Schwinn bicycle is worth. (On E-Bay and to me!)

Happy riding everyone. Wear those helmets~!


  1. Yes, I remember my first bike, although I never had one of my own. I was happy walking to and from school, chatting to my friends (a chatter-box even back then) but my younger brother kept on and on at Mum and Dad until he got one. No training wheels, I don't think they had been invented back then. A helmet? Even motor bike riders didn't wear helmets. Of course my nose was out of joint when he started showing off his bike-riding skills and I decided to show him a thing or two. I would learn how to ride "no hands". I can still remember, oh so clearly, the day I went flying down the hill outside our house, hands high in the air in triumph, looking right to make sure little brother was witnessing this amazing feat - and ran smack bang into the neighbours tree! Actually I think the physical pain may well have outweighed my hurt pride, I still have a scar on my nose to remind me that "pride cometh before a fall" as my father so wisely pointed out. Ahh, the good old days, huh?

  2. smiles. my boys learned not too long back...filled me with joy to see them...happy for her!

  3. Oh boy, yes, my bike was orange and my very tomboyish friend taught me to ride without training wheels in my (short) driveway. That was exciting. I also remember trying to race a couple neighborhood boys on a nearby dead end road and flying over the handlebars onto the mom and brother had to come retrieve me. We didn't wear helmets in the 70's either!

  4. we grew up with no helmets, no knee pads, no seat belts ..... amazing that we survived it all!!! How special for you that you can be there for these fleeting moments - those training wheels won't be on that bike for long!!!

  5. What a cute picture! As synchronicity would have it...I went to watch my granddaughter this morning...and in the middle of the living room was her new tricycle. We seem to be on the same page once again. It was raining out so I pushed her all over the house...she can't reach the pedals yet.
    It won't be long before Natalie has the training wheels taken off by the looks of this photo. Hope you had a fun Monday. woohoo!

  6. My first two-wheeler bike was a wee one that was a hand-me-down from my 3 older siblings. It didn't have trainer wheels. Unknown to my mother my sister and brother took me to the top of a steep hill sat me on the bike and gave me a push off ....well, the chain came off and the bike went faster and faster ...all I could do was hang on tight. At the bottom of the hill was a sharp corner and needless to say I didn't make it round the corner but instead ended up in a shallow drain! After that i had no trouble riding at all.


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