Saturday, June 19, 2010


On my birthday, Katherine told me that I was entering in my Wheel of Fortune year. When I asked her to explain what that meant she replied that "the Wheel of Fortune Year is the best time to open to unexpected opportunities, to turn your life in more fortunate, positive directions, and to grow and expand in new opportunities or unexpected windfalls could occur this year, but most likely they occur only because you are open to the possibility or are actively trying to create situations of more prosperity in your life."

Is it a West Coast phenomenon or does this happen in other states too? When you drive around lately, you will occasionally find a sign that says "Free" or "Free Stuff" like the sign above. Well, I'm not a hoarder or anything but I do find passing by one of these "piles" occasionally hard to do because "what if there is something REALLY good in there?"

SO...Last week I stopped by one and there wasn't much that was worth taking home with me except I did find these books that I thought my Granddaughter might enjoy. I have never heard of them but they are small books of only about 50 or so pages and they are put out by Scholastic Inc. Well, sounded pretty "OK" to me so I grabbed all five of them and headed home.

Yesterday, I was planning to drop them off with my Granddaughter so just out of habit I flipped through each one of them in case there was a stray piece of paper or something that needn't make the trip. Guess what? Inside one of the books was a FIVE DOLLAR BILL! Yes, a real FIVE DOLLAR BILL. Is that what Katherine referred to when she wrote: "unexpected windfalls?" Granted, it is just a five dollar bill. But, I didn't expect it (or did I?)

In reality, I feel that I am, indeed, expecting nothing but great things this year and in the future.
From my job at the Agriculture Department being offered to me to the unknown things that are coming my way...good things are on their way. It is only a matter of time.


  1. i am stopping now to check every book i see...smiles. sounds like you are having a blessed year...i hope that it continues...smiles.

  2. And I couldn't think of a more deserving friend to receive all good and great things.
    Blessings to you Teri.
    Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend.

  3. i'd just go for the ride and enjoy it all! today five, tomorrow who knows? :)


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