Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Sunday afternoon, my friend Peggy De Pue held a graduation party for her daughter Brooke. We all had a great time visiting with people we haven't seen in such a long time. With good friends, it doesn't matter how long it has been...when you see them again it seems just like yesterday. Peggy is the art teacher at our local grammar school and while we were visiting, we also toured her art studio that she has set up for herself. These are a few of the things that I saw while visiting.

The first thing you see is a wire face that was made from a contour drawing. I love contour drawings: no looking down at the paper, do not remove your hand from the paper, and keep on drawing. You always get something quite interesting. The next mask is made from a paper plate. The kids in her class did some really great ones she said.

This face was done with colored pencils on black tar paper...the kind that you put on roofs or siding. She didn't like the was it was turning out UNTIL she decided to tear it up and throw it away! THEN...it looked great! Never give up!

This is a photo copy of one of her student's collage pieces of their dog. Isn't it wonderful?

This is another student's work.

And a close-up of the details on the dog's chest. Some of these kids are REALLY talented! Of course, they have a GREAT teacher too!

And another. Check out the details (below) and how this student decided to incorporate "dogs" into the collage OF a dog! Pretty darned creative.

This project was a collage on a take-out container. They had to do something that represented something about them personally.

And this is the outside of the box. I love the faces.

These are aluminum foil people that they use to pose any way they want and by doing so, learn how to represent different parts of the body.

And these, finally, are some of Peggy's own works. She loves to work in a Fauvist style. Bright colors, colored pencils, and pastels are her favorite I think. The one clipped to the easel is one that she is working on for her son of Hawaii---that is where he lives.

Peggy and I go back a long way. I was invited to be at the birth of her daughter, Brooke, and video tape the event for them. I was honored to be there for them and have a special connection to Brooke ever since that time. She has graduated from UC Davis now and will go on to become a dentist. She is engaged to the most wonderful man and they will be married next June. I can't wait to be at her wedding. They were at both my daughters' weddings and it just wouldn't have been the same without them there.

Peggy's husband, Steve, was my woodshop teacher at Adult Education. He taught me lots and I made the most wonderful items in his classes. I got straight A's in his class! He also was there for me when I needed help with Math when I was attending college. He is a brilliant man, a good friend, and also a wonderful teacher. And, he introduced me to his wife Peggy. For that I will be eternally grateful. She's my confidant, an ear when I need to talk, a fellow artist, and always forgiving. You can't ask for a better person to call a friend. Peggy: I love you! Let's chat!!


  1. Love fauve, and the tinfoil people, and the collages of puppies. Oh my! She sounds like an awesome teacher and a fabulous friend. You are pretty darn lucky!

  2. oh wow. these are all really cool. my art teacher in HS was one of my favs...and made a huge impression on my life...

  3. it looks like a fun time on Sunday ..... and a lifetime of friendship and fun times besides :)

  4. yay Peggy. I adore those dog pieces. They really WOWED me. Loved all this. Thanks for sharing T.


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